Apr 272011

Settled into a motel in Demopolis, Alabama, just as the tornado warning sirens went off. The wind was blowing like mad, but there was nothing photo-worthy in the vicinity. However, not too far away cities like Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are reported to have been badly trashed by mile-wide twisters.

Some (non-weather) photos a little later tonight.

Looks like somethin’ fun is coming.

Update 7:51: Ahh, shit… Weather’s gettin’ squirrely.

Update, 9:44 PM: the storm finally seems to be over. It was an entertainingly energetic one, with lightning landing in the damned parking lot. Attempts were made at photography… attempts that pretty much utterly failed. The humidity aroud here caused a permanent fogover of the lens (hopefully only an exterior problem… water *inside* the camera would be bad news). A number of emergency vehicles just went tear-assing down the road, lights and sirens blazing. All evidence so far points this out as being one hellacious storm system. CNN is currently reporting at least 31 dead. Of course, the storm isn’t really over, it’s just moved up the road a piece, and is causing a hell of a ruckus.

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  • sferrin

    So tell the truth. Are you running away from or towards the tornados? 😉

  • admin

    Currently hunkering down.

  • kbob42

    Good Luck, be careful.

  • kbob42

    If you come through Arkansas give me a email

  • Pat Flannery

    The death toll on yesterday’s storms is really appalling, 250 and climbing:
    How did the cats handle the bad weather?

  • admin

    > How did the cats handle the bad weather?

    By being in Illinois.

    Been without WiFi for a while. Currently in Shreveport, LA, on the direct route back to IL.

    • Pat Flannery

      Better be careful, by the time you pick them up again they’ll be registered Democrats.

  • admin

    Coming through Ark, but going just as quick as we can. Trip time has expired, time to get on gettin’ on.

    • kbob42

      At least the weather here is better now. Safe travels.

  • Jeff Wright

    You just had to bring the super outbreak back to us, didn’t you.

    I think Scott has been testing the weather Dominator in my home state.;(

    More on the outbreak here: