Mar 282011

Artwork depicting the testing of the RIFT stage as seen by NASA in 1962. Wacky hijinks would surely ensue if the rocket went off course and dumped the reactor in Castros lap.

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  • Pat Flannery

    Okay, this time it’s time it has two peripheral rows of cylindrical objects around the top of the stage in the second illustration; what are they? Parachutes for stage recovery?

  • R2K

    Instrument Unit? : )

  • Pat Flannery

    Whatever they are, they are pretty big when compared to the person in the illustration…around four feet long by a foot in diameter.
    It hard to tell whether there are two rings of them one above another, or we are seeing the front and back of a single ring.
    Could they be batteries?
    The little vernier engines hanging off the stages’ bottom are interesting also; are they to aid separation or do they aid in steering?