Feb 242011

Huh. It looks like someone has gone to the bother of actually filming Atlas Shrugged, and from the trailer, they seem to have done a fair job of it.


[youtube 6W07bFa4TzM]

It opens April 15. What do you want to bet it opens in about 2.5 theaters?

It looks pretty good. If it opens anywhere near me, I’m’a going to see it.

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  • kbob42

    Never read the book, I have heard it is quite dense. Is it worth it?

  • admin

    > Is it worth it?

    I thought so. It was a 1200-page political screed in the form of a science fiction novel. The characters are one-dimensional, the science is ARRRGH-inducing, the “message” is hammered home with a Louisville Slugger… and all the dire, horrible and downright silly things Rand has her Bad Guys doing are things you see in the news today.

    While ginormous, I found it a fairly easy read.

  • Brianna

    The characters are supposed to stand for particular… archetypes is probably the best word. That is why many find them one-dimensional (though I never have).

    I read it when I was 16 and really enjoyed it, but I didn’t fully appreciate the subtleties until I went and re-read it straight last year. Rand did a good job of mixing a regular mystery story with the ideas she was trying to express and executing it in a believable manner (as Scott said, if you don’t think it’s believable then you’re not reading the newspapers). Whether you agree with the ideas in the book or not, it’s very thought-provoking and definitely worth a read.

  • kbob42

    Okay, I will give it a try. It should arrive on Tuesday.

  • Siergen

    I finally got around to reading it shortly before the last US Presidential election. Although I enjoyed it, it was loooong in places, IMHO. Also, I thought at the time that the actions of the government were pretty far-fetched. No one could be that stupid, I thought, but then Obama took office and seems intent on proving me wrong…

  • R2K

    Siergen, devil’s advocate, what did Obama do that was stupid compared to what you thought possible in government?