May 292010

From THIS POST, I have four copies of 2010-05-25-pano-1-b.jpg and two copies of 2010-05-25-pano-2-b.jpg on hand… the former in 24X36, the latter in 24X~46. They all came out looking great, but the latter illustration also came out a lot more expensive than I’d hoped… they didn’t charge by the linear inch, which would’ve made the 46-incher 28% more expensive than the 36-incher, but instead simply 50% more expensive. Hummmph.

 Anyway, If’n you want a copy of either, Paypal or mail me money, to the tune of $90 for “pano-1” or $130 for “pano 2” plus postage (call that $6 US, $8.50 non-US). Paypal to this address:

I knda shot my wad of cash on getting these so if they don’t sell, the cats are gonna have to go on half rations. Only YOU can prevent kittens from starving!

Since there are only these six copies in existence, you can rest assured that you’ll probably have the only one on your block.



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  • admin

    One of the two 46-inchers has sold. You don’t want to be left out, do you? DO YOU?!?!?!

  • Jim

    By the look of it, this is indeed money well spent.


  • George Allegrezza

    Scott, any pano-1’s left?

  • admin

    > any pano-1’s left?

    Yeah, all four.


  • George Allegrezza

    Make that three. Off to Paypal as soon as I get out of this fershuginne meeting.