Oct 292017

From a theological point of view, “witchcraft” is no sillier than any other religion. From a practical standpoint? Yeah, it’s pretty damned silly, and not all that useful.

And thus, we get this:

Is Tumblr witchcraft feminism – or cultural appropriation?

It’s a perfect storm of every SJW identity politics group getting into a circular firing squad. The nucleus of this is a book written by a non-Wiccan, non-religious Hindu-Quakers working with an atheist who doesn’t believe in the occult that purportedly aims “to arm women – ordinary women who may scoff at spirituality or magic – with the subversive feminist powers of traditional witches.”


It’s the kind of empowered identity promoted in podcasts about toppling the patriarchy and Facebook posts about the radical importance of self-care.


As the article points out, there are several categories of witches,” including Tumblr/Instagram-dwelling SJWs who are politically active idjits generally supporting regressive political nonsense and using the iconography of newage claptrap to advertise and support their delusions. This new book is supposed to be aimed at that group. What’s startlingly hypocritical here is that this book is written by people who clearly don’t believe it. It would be like me writing a book on how to colonize Mars using acupuncture and dowsing rods. I suppose that might actually sell well… it would certainly be a unique item on the book market, but it’d make me feel sullied and unusual to write unless I wrote it as a satire. But to write it in such a way as to buttress the silly and self defeating beliefs of the deluded? Lame.

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  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    “non-Wiccan, non-religious Hindu-Quakers working with an atheist ”

    It already sounds like a parody

    • B-Sabre

      Two non-Wiccan, non-religious Hindu-Quakers walk into a vegan bar, with an atheist bartender….

  • Nick Gaston

    If this was a horror movie, this is the kind of setup that would end with a bunch of stupid college students getting murdered by possessed iPhones in the second act.

    • Scottlowther

      How is that a horror movie? Sounds like the feel good comedy romp of the season .

      • Nick Gaston

        It’s more like an artifact of titular genre, really. Sorta like how “bad movies” can be some of the most hilariously entertaining films you’ll ever see, but critically acclaimed “great movies” can just as readily be tedious, pretentious drivel. With fancy camera work.

  • robunos20

    >It’s a perfect storm of every SJW identity politics group getting into a circular firing squad.

    Sounds a bit like the Oozlum Bird . . .


  • Michael

    I’ve met a few women like that. A practical value of any belief system (or “religion”, if you prefer) is to provide a for the practitioner a focus for their life. It works as long as it improves the life of the believer. This kind of witchcraft thing is going to increase the amusement value of the women. It may get them laid more often. It limits their ability to function in the world outside their minds.

    (The dowsing on Mars would never really work. How could one dowse through the gloves of a space suit? But I would like to see a book about astrology as it would be calculated on Mars.)

    • B-Sabre

      No joke, several years ago I was leaving the hospital after visiting my mother, and saw a workman on the grounds. In one hand was a magnetic detector for finding cables. In the other was a dowsing rod.

      • Scottlowther

        Sometime around 2006 ATK in Utah decided to, IIRC, plant a bunch of trees for decorative purposes. Some guy that this rocket company was paying wandered around scoping the ground with friggen’ dowsing rods. As memory serves, i used expletives in disbelief at what I saw. I used those expletives with my manager. His response was to shrug.

        Of course, this was the same ATK that laughed off SpaceX and had an upper manager who responded to a new employees questions about the company getting into space tourism with “I didn’t get into aerospace to launch rich people into space,” so buying into dowsing? I guess that fit.

        • xvdougl

          The local peach farm near work employs the use of ‘Hail Cannons’. This is to avoid damage to their multi-million dollar crops every year. It’s my understanding that there rigs around 25-35K each. I would guess they have half a dozen or so. This year they would have done better with a Frost Cannon but they do have damn good peaches.

  • publiusr

    When will these SJW kiddies get tired of this race and sex nonsense and find something new to complain about? Remember the good old days when it was about class struggle?

    • sferrin

      Probably never. I can’t see the average SJW finally waking up, realizing what pieces of $hit they are, and getting jobs.

    • publiusr

      That isn’t me–but well said nonetheless.

      I think the Navy just picked up two of them–who were sitting on an EPIRB the whole time

    • Nh_flier

      Kinda hard to get serious about class struggle when you’re living off the Trust Find your parents set up for you,

  • KellyFromMesquite

    Hmm? Acupuncture and dowsing rods, isn’t that how John Carter got to Mars?