Sep 262017

Have you ever wondered why there are so many dashcam videos out of Russia showing spectacular car crashes? The usual explanations include bad roads and booze, but I think I’ve discovered the real problem: bears. Bears on the roads. Bears in vehicles.

NATO better watch out. When Russia invades Lithuania, Poland and Portugal to protect the local ethnic Russians, they’re going to show up with bear cavalry.



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  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Screw the Bear Cavalry, Nato’s Penguin Army will be there to stop them….

    On a more serious note, since the Russian civilian police and court system are relatively ineffective, motorists use dash cams to record everything so they can have a record for insurance claims in case of an accident.

    Maybe something Americans should start considering.

    • publiusr

      I’ve seen them on late night TV sold as rear view mirrors and such.

      Just the thing to catch meteor strikes.