Aug 312017

U.S. pressure or not, U.N. nuclear watchdog sees no need to check Iran military sites

The IAEA not only has not visited a single site since the agreement, they foresee no need to do so in the future.

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  • Adam

    Do you want to secede from the UN?

    • Scottlowther

      I’m not sure how one would “secede” from the UN, but a recognition that the UN is nothing more than a powerless talking-society would be nice. Actual *power* in international matters should be vested in something like NATO, groups of nations that have matured enough to be democratic and recognize the rights and liberties of their people. The idea that the likes of China North Korea or Saudi Arabia or Iran are somehow recognized as being worthy of being listened to as moral equals? Ridiculous.

      And I’m pretty sure New York City would *love* it if the UN would bugger off to someplace like Switzerland. Apparently the UN building is a standing health violation code and the diplomats and their staffs are a pack of assholes.

      • Adam

        In the Heritage Trilogy by William H. Keith Jr. the UN are trying to take over the world and establish a socialist dictatorship in order to better manage the world’s resources in the wake of catastrophic climate change. One of the members of their security council is the Islamic State. I am not kidding. Also, they lock up the British prime minister and behead him later. It is up to the US Marine Corps. to seize control of the moon in order to win the war against the UN once and for all.

        • James


        • Thucydides_of_Athens

          Stuff like that used to be called “Science Fiction”, not “Current Events”…..

      • Jason Miller

        Hey! The Swiss seem like pretty sensible folks, I wouldn’t wish the UN on them. Belgium or France, maybe, but not Switzerland.

  • Kelly Starks

    Let’s see, we have been hearing every other year since 1980 that Iran is only a year away, every year for the last almost 40 years in a row, from making a nuclear weapon. And yet zero, zilch, nada evidence Iran is actively making any nuclear weapon. So either Iran is the slowest mofo nation ever making nukes, or maybe, just maybe, it’s all BS.

    Let’s play occam’s razor…

    • sferrin

      “Let’s play occam’s razor…”

      Well, then I’m forced to conclude you’re an idiot. I suppose you think ‘lil’ Kim isn’t bent on building ICBMs either because, you know, he’s been trying for years and still doesn’t have one.

      • Siergen

        You got proof Iran has nukes sferrin? No of course not, your just gonna call people names then run up the stairs to the first floor kitchen and brag to mommy you won an internet fight

        • Siergen

          Hmm, I’ve never seen another Siergen on the Internet before. Up until now it was a unique name.

          Any ways, even as Obama was boasting about his great deal to the American people, Iran’s leaders were yelling “Death to America!” to the Iranian people, and saying that they would soon have nuclear weapons. I think it’s clear that they want to get nukes, and thanks to Obama there are fewer obstacles in their way,

    • Jason Miller

      Who’s been telling you for 40 years that Iran is only a year away from making a nuke? That’s not a claim that I recall hearing, and it’s certainly not the consensus of the US or other western intelligence agencies. To name just one example, the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate opined that they had suspended their program in 2003, but *if* they restarted it immediately they could produce enough nuclear material for a bomb by the mid-2010s. Obviously intelligence estimates are based on very fragmentary information and are often revised to reflect new evidence, but I don’t recall anyone with an informed opinion ever claiming that Iran was only a year away. Most of the reporting I recall has been more along the lines of “they’re working on it” than any definite timeframe. Your argument is a straw man.

  • Kopis

    – Two gals, Liza & Caroline, happened to meet in town one day.

    – Liza excitedly began, “Oh, Caroline honey, you would not bee…lieve what I’ been up to…”
    – Liza then launched into a monologue of how she had become a millionaire’s maid with all sorts of ‘perks’ and ‘privileges.’

    – Caroline politely and every so often responded with, “That’s jus’ faannn…tastic (fantastic)!”

    – After completing her 5 min. rant to Caroline, Liza asked, “By the way honey, what’ch y’all been up to?”

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    [You too, now know the Charm-School definition of FANTASTIC!!…] 🙂

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    I’m sure the Zroa HaAvir VeHahalal may be coming by for an unannounced inspection visit sooner or later…