Apr 252017

Took these shots in early March while leaving a grocery store parking lot in Tremonton. I’ve heard multiple times that it’s illegal to run these little things up and down the streets, but maybe they mean the smaller ATVs. But in either case they’re all used with considerable regularity for gettin’-around purposes out here in the sticks.

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  • se jones

    >illegal to run these

    Nope, it is legal now in Utah. You have to have VIN inspection and get the ATV/UTV inspected annually by the local agency, and of course pay your $20 fee.

  • Rick

    in more and more places, as long as it has the right lights/signals and passes inspection, you’re good to go.

    sadly I do not live in one of those places. a vehicle capable of handling extreme off road while still returning better than 30mpg, for well under $20K? Seems like a winner to me.

    and as for safety, well, I commuted by motorcycle around here daily for over 5 years almost exclusively, with a couple interstate trips. A turbocharged, 4wd side by side with a full roll cage is a lot more “safe” than that.

    • se jones

      …extreme off road while still returning better than 30mpg, for well under $20K?
      That’d be my beloved XR650R, the Oldsmobile 442 of dirt bikes.

      You can’t ride on-road in Salt Lake county, but everywhere else you can if you keep speed under 50mph and ride on the far right side and not be a jerk and hold up traffic.

      Here in Colorado, there are a few counties that allow ATV/UTVs on road, but so far the enviro fascists have successfully blocked a statewide rule.

      We dedicated dirt bike riders have a love-hate relationship with ATVs. Mostly hate; ATVs allow fat, stoopid, lazy, A-holes to tear up the countryside, which gets a lot of trails trashed and riding areas closed.
      On the other hand, the shear numbers of ATVs gives off-roaders a lot of political (=$ economic) clout.
      For the most part, the crowd I run with, rides on goat trails where no ATV would dare go.

      • Rick

        a couple of years ago, anything two wheeled wouldve been my go-to choice as well, (but probably with a ‘zuki DR instead) but as health issues preclude the balance I need, and a wife who would never ride pillion, any off road desires are gonna have to be 4 wheeled.

      • publiusr

        I liked the old Honda Odysseys. Regular ATVs?–they’re magnets for vine covered wire fence fragments and the like

  • se jones

    Looks like fun! Some of my most cherished childhood memories are of riding in the back of the parent’s truck. The view is great, the smells are (mostly) great, and you don’t have to listen to parents arguing and listening to awful CW music.

    Hell now, in Colorado you can’t even let your GD DOG ride in the back. The enviro fascist Left in Denver/Boulder have *way* too much concentrated power in this state, we normal folk are waiting for the other 95% to revolt.

  • George Allegrezza

    Not that different from riding in a topless Bronco or Blazer back in the day.