Mar 122017

Chris here is simply entertaining. Like many popular YouTubers, he started off as one thing (yapping about video games) and morphed into something else (mockery of current political insanity). He’s a self-proclaimed Leftie, but he’s got a decent head on his shoulders… and a damn fine sense of humor. If I were to yammer about politics on YouTube (not gonna, don’t worry), it would be like this, just probably less funny and less watchable. And certainly with less musical ability.

As one might expect, Chris tends to focus a lot on video game and YouTube culture. But even if you are not involved in those, the crazy nonsense that infects them troubles the rest of society, or soon will. And so I appreciate Chris Ray Guns energetic and foul-mouthed takedowns of nonsense.




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  • -Max

    Milk is racist ?

    With the tens of millions of human beings that died in and as a result of WWII, perhaps referring to that only six million of them were real “People” might make Cris Regan (ray gun ?) a little biased toward a singular racial / ethnic / religious group. I think the world has been trained in knee-jerk propaganda, for the benefit of certain groups and the detriment of everyone else, for too long.

  • Rick

    sadly this is the Youtube Celebrity of Tomorrow. One that needs to “snark” themselves thru some sort of Outrage and to spin things into something “nonsensical” that they in their much smarter place can then “correct”.

    Problem is, most of the time, their original suppositions are hyperbolic or complete crap. But people accept “because its funny” and these guys get paid by views. Without the controversy and outrage, there isn’t anything to separate them from thousands of other basement broadcasters-so they gotta work their “brand”.

    But “boring” facts, without Outrage and Righteous Anger, regardless if manufactured or not, do not generate Pageviews. It gets worse when people take this sort of emotionally modified “entertainment” and allow it to color their viewpoint. People subscribe to echo chambers of outrage and let their attitudes stew.

    My wife follows way too many “terminally outraged”, dependent-on-parents people who gave zero f**ks about government problems and abuse of power for almost a decade but suddenly are demanding their parents pack up and move to Canada because they believe that Trump is personally gonna hunt down and shoot them because the poor “self identifies as a victim” kid somehow forgot all the “reasonable” civics facts he copy/pasted to defend the last President from any accusation of wrongdoing. They repeat the same SJW outrage, only different levels of “sophistication”. Interpretation of facts, always one direction, is somehow taken to prove “legitimacy” even if multiple interpretations are possible and as equally backed by facts.

    It’s like the difference between the excellent and much-missed “Bullshit!” series by Penn andTeller, and the much looser “Adam Ruins Everything”. The profanity or “look how stupid this is!” in BS was to gain popular attention (see General Patton’s quote on deploying profanity) while “Adam” tends to use that as his entire defense of a position for a lot of cases. P&T would make a point and bury you in facts that back the position and negate the opposition. Adam goes with a position he chooses but often neglects to bring facts that negate the position he’s trying hard to “disprove”. Two possible interpretations are equal until one is disproved, as existence of supporting information for one view does not automatically eliminate supporting information for the other.

    But that sort of reason, is “boring” and to the Millenial, there is NOTHING worse than “boring”. Not even being manipulated or lied to or abused.