Sep 302016

So some people have a problem with personal pronouns like “he” or “she,” Mr.” or “Miss.” Because, you know, they cannot be contained and defined by binary gender descriptions, blah, blah, blah. And modern American universities, being the hotbeds of idjit coddlign that they are, are leadign the way towards enforcing a diverse, tolerant tomorrow by lettign people pick how they want to be described. Well… apparently they didn;t get the memo from Boaty McBoatface or Nukely McMeltface that if you let people participate in a process that’s silly, you’ll get silly results.

Student officially changes his personal pronoun to ‘His Majesty’ on campus roster

As a result of this new policy, professors are now expected to call students by their personally designated pronoun, even if it has no basis in their biological sex. … With that, Grant Strobl,  a conservative student at the University of Michigan and chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors, decided to change his preferred pronoun to “His Majesty” — in an attempt to make the point that this policy has no basis in reality.

What other personal pronouns can you come up with that might make the point?? A-number-one, top of the list would seem to be:


Ho-lee-carp. Imagine someone ballsy enough to put that one down.

Others: Sir. Sire. Master. Boss. His Highness. The Man. Der Fuehrer. El Jefe. My Lord.

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  • Jandanagger Laterobinson

    Why don’t we just follow the Canadian custom and use their name… “Come in and sit down Paul”

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  • markus baur

    Mylord has style … 8)

  • xvdougl

    Is there a limit to the length of your pronoun? Could I make mine say, The pledge of allegiance? How about all the words on page 17 of the manual for my old VCR?