Apr 292016

Well, that didn’t take long. The fine young example of rational progressivism displayed a few days ago at U Mass Amherst has been granted a name by the internet: Trigglypuff.

It *seems* she may have been identified (an archive of the suspects Facebook page is here… be warned, there are selfies). The college bio page of the student who has been identified – by the internet, so this could be erroneous – describes her thusly:

She was first introduced to social justice through youth-led community-based groups in the Boston area, such as the City School and Sub/Urban Justice. From here, she developed feminist, fat liberation, anti racist, and anti capitalist perspectives, which she believes all play an integral role in working towards collective liberation. As a fatty, she’s very eager to see fat justice and all its intersections with gender, race, disability, queer/trans liberation, class, and anti capitalism, become part of radical movements.

Regardless of anything else… all reasonable people should be aware that when they see someone describe themselves as “anti-capitalist,” they’re unlikely to be dealing with a calm, reasonable person.

Spectacularly, her meltdowns have been turned into remix fodder. As always when dealing with excited lefties, note that the audio is NSFW.

She has a Know Your Meme page now.

It would be interesting to check back in on her in a few years. Will she have matured? Will she be professionally medicated? Will she continue to go ’round the bend? Will she appear on an episode of “The Internet Ruined My Life?”

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  • allen

    commies use the word “liberation” a lot. I do not think it means what they think it means.

    there is no “liberation” in fascism. there is only You Must Submit.

    • Herp McDerp

      Ah, but come the Revolution, comrade, and the Smart People, the Vanguard of the Proletariat — in other words, ourselves — will be in charge! This time everything will work! You’ll see!

      • allen

        LOL they never seem to grasp that in a true revolution, the most dedicated are usually the first to go to re-education camp. the people they put in power typically don’t like the sorts of questions the social justice warriors will ask, or the things they’ll demand.

        • Scottlowther

          “Revolutionaries” who make such an effort to stand out, by phyical appearance or behavior, will get hammered down in the new regime. If there’s one thing fascists hate more than non fascists, its fascists who are different kinds of fascist.

          • allen

            “but..but..but..comrade…I’m a revolutionary like you…I’ve been a social justice warrior since I was a teenager!”

            “shut up. get into the damn boxcar. you are making the Supreme Leader uncomfortable with your embarrassing questions and your lack of ability to conform to the People’s Workers Uniform Standards.”

            they fight for liberation, and they get slavery. and somehow they just cant see it coming.

          • Peter Hanely

            Is it so hard to understand that you don’t obtain liberty by enslaving others? Or are they just oblivious to the fact that what they’re calling for is enslaving others?

          • allen

            I doubt if they think that far ahead, or that deeply. they simply want the bad man to go away. and they don’t care how or where he goes, so long as it is away, and they’ll give anyone anything they want to get that.

            this is where some enterprising jim jones wannabe promises them utopia, gives them scraps, and blames “the other” for why he can’t deliver utopia. you can see this play out in history time and again.

            luckily, we’re better trained, equipped, armed, and led than they are.

  • Herp McDerp

    To repurpose the punchline of an old physics/astronomy joke:

    “Consider a spherical cow …”

  • sferrin