Jan 222016

Auctions over.

Due to some recent expenses, I’m unloading some stuff.  I figure a silent auction on my website would be quicker and easier than Ebaying it. So what I have: two lots of sci-fi books. First lot:

Lot 1:

Hardback: “Dune, The Machine Crusade.” Good shape w/dust jacket.

Hardback: “The Forge of God.” Good shape, first edition, first printing, w/dust jacket.

Hardback: Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual, Millennium Falcon. Like new.

Paperback: “revelation Space.” Decent shape, 2002 printing.

Paperback: “Spock Must Die!!” OK shape, 6th printing, 1970. The first real Star Trek novel published.

Paperback: “Sandworms of Dune,” got wet and puffed up a tad, but still perfectly readable.

Paperback: “Contact.” 1997 printing, good shape.



Lot 2:

Hardback: “The Integral Trees,” First edition/printing, good shape w/dust jacket. Some tears on the jacket.

Hardback: “God Emperor of Dune,” First edition, fifth printing. Books in good shape, dust jacket is a bit beat up.

Hardback: Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual, Imperial Death Star. Like new.

Paperback: “Eon,” 1986 printing. Used condition.

Paperback: “The Making of Star Trek,” 6th printing, 1970. Good shape!

Paperback: “The Tranquility Alternative,” 1997 printing. Almost new condition.

Paperback: “The Time Ships,” I think 1st paperback edition. Pretty good condition.




Either of these lots should be worth at least $30 or so, but I’ll set the minimum at $15. So if you are interested in either lot, email me your bid (*not* comment) here:

The winner(s) will also be dinged for postage. For the US, they’ll go out media mail, so it should be cheap. The auction will end Sunday. I’ve never done an auction like this; the process is that you bid without know what the other folks are bidding… if anything. Highest bidder wins. If by Sunday there are two or more identical bids, I’ll contact the bidders and let ’em know, see what they want to bump up to.

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