Aug 282015

An interesting video on how to buy ex-Soviet nukes on the Bulgarian black market.

Actually, I’d bet that there’s something wrong with the bombs, or we’d have seen them popping off here and there in the last decade.

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  • Atomic handgrenade

    Butt how many do I need for my 4,000 ton Orion space-yacht?

  • Nick P.


    So that silver cone thing they have the footage of is, to the best of my knowledge, not nearly big enough to actually be a nuclear weapon. Even with lurid tales of man-portable briefcase bombs floating about, which that almost certainly is NOT from, it still looks teeny-weeny. In the next bit with the guy who filmed this he refers to it as a ‘plutonium detonator’ and throughout the video they kind of switch back and forth between talking about dirty bombs and nuclear weapons proper.

    Hell the whole video is all over the board with what is and is not known mixed in with a whole bunch of “we went to art-school for journalism and wouldn’t know anything technical if it bit us on the face” and scads of “lol, kkkapitalizim” axe grinding. But they do have this alleged soviet nuclear expert confirming that it’s…A Something.

    So take from this what you will (because who the hell am I and what do I know), but I get the impression that our silver mystery cone of DOOM probably is a part of a nuclear weapon. It’s possibly even something from the radioactive nuclear bits of a warhead, like the ‘spark plug’ and lithium deturide second stage or some such. Which IS worrisome in of itself, because where the hell would you get one of those but a place that actually has or had nuclear weapons?

    I guess the real test is, could you still go to Bulgaria and talk to this guy now? Because this video came out in 2012, and for all the voice scrambling & face blurring someone with sufficient resources and motivation could totally figure out who this guy is and where he is.

    And if that *IS* an actual nuclear bomb (or a sufficiently worrisome part of one) then I would expect sometime shortly after this video came out someone somewhere would of had a special forces unit go on a “training” exercise and this guy, his family, his associates and a bunch of his employees would have died in various “accidents”.

    • B-Sabre

      I don’t think it is a “real” anything – I suspect that the journalists made it to simulate whatever it is they were talking about, which made no sense at all.

      One reason I don’t think it’s real is that the military usually marks the shit out of all their property, with stencils, serial numbers, warnings, inspection dates, etc. Secondly, it honestly looks like a replica proximity fuse that they had Yuri turn out of bar stock on his lathe at the machine shop. It just doesn’t look complicated enough.

      The photos of the nose cone in the box looked like something from either an SA-2 or SA-3 SAM. Of course, the problem with THAT is that the warhead of the SA-2 or SA-3 is in in the cylindrical part of the missile, not the ogive of the nosecone.

      The photo looks more like an SA-3/S-125 than an SA-2. The SA-2 possibly had a nuclear warhead option, but I couldn’t find anything about a nuclear SA-3 warhead.

      • Scottlowther

        > It just doesn’t look complicated enough.

        My knowledge of Soviet nuclear weapons components is admittedly pretty limited. But in reality, nukes *aren’t* that complicated-looking.

        • B-Sabre

          OK, granted, but that thing in your photo has flanges, that have been drilled out for weight, and it has stuff that is obviously “attached” to it. Plus you can’t see the other end (where it looks like guy #3 has his head stuffed). And I bet if you looked at closely enough, you’d find stencils, plug receptacles and serial numbers, probably on the wide end.

          I was using “complicated” in the meaning “assemblage of many parts”. The “plutonium detonator” looks exactly like it was machined out of one piece of aluminum or steel bar stock. It didn’t even have machine threads on it. How the hell does it attach to anything else?

          It looks like a solid metal reproduction of something like this:

  • allen

    I have serious doubts. jihadis are not exactly patient people…if they had it, they’d have used it by now.

    • publiusr

      Shades of the Red Mercury scams

      • allen

        exactly. an ex-soviet now-capitalist huckster is separating a bunch of idiots from their money and giving them junk he found in a scrap pile.

        I’d say the guy is likely backed by the CIA…but the CIA has proven not to be able to carry out good scams like this for many years.

  • Paul451

    It certainly looks like a precision engineered device to me.

    I mean, the very idea that you can’t trust people selling black market nuclear weapons!

  • Rick

    I can’t even get an AK that most of y’all can buy downtown in my state, much less something on the WMD list LOL

    Any bets it’s full of shiny clock parts? 🙂