May 282015

Much to my surprise, the new series “Wayward Pines” has turned out to be pretty good. It is based on a series of novels I have not read, and I don’t know how close the series is going to stick to the books. Until tonights episode I thought chances were fairly good that the series would turn out to be All In The Main Characters Head… some plot evidence pointed that way, and since M. Night Shyamalan is behind it, it seemed like the the sort of What A Twist that the series could get behind. But tonight it became fairly clear that rather than some weird “psychological thriller,” the series is actually straight-up science fiction. A little bit of googling brought me to THIS summary of the novel and… yup, sci-fi. Big-ass spoiler in there, so beware.

For what it’s worth, the evidence presented through the first three episodes was enough for me to figure out what the Big Secret of the series is *before* I googled the answer. But even so… knowing the “twist” here is actually not going to turn me off to continuing watching the series, but will actually make me more interested.

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  • sferrin

    Makes me think a little of Dark City.