Feb 282014

It was the Annual Parade of Sheep Heading West today. Thousands of fuzzy poopmonsters being hustled along by dogs and Peruvians.

Dsc_2089 Dsc_2038 Dsc_2028



This was of interest to at least one other observer…

Dsc_2131 Dsc_2128

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  • Anonymous

    Just two days ago a guy was talking about the Peruvians who come to herd sheep for 6 months or so every year then go home. I’d never heard of that before…. Today I see pictures of it.
    I am living in the Golden Age!

    • Anonymous

      Truly, we live in the world of tomorrow.

  • snafusolomon

    Again, places on the internet where you could make a nice profit by allowing people access to your lands while these animals are present…a small cut of the action would satisfy the Peruvians.

    I’m just saying…world is going to shit and everyone is gonna need all the cash they can get.

  • Herp McDerp

    Poor Buttons! All those lamb chops on the hoof, and he can’t get any of ’em!

    • Anonymous

      I once had a cat who would have given Radethinn a run for the money. Constantine would have been out there and would at least have drawn blood.

  • Siergen

    Walking scratching posts!