Jun 012013

Putting my bronchitis-riddled lungs to the test, I went for a walk.

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  • Anonymous

    There are quite a number of critters round these parts… cats, skunks, cows, sheep, goats, dogs behind fences, dogs running free. This feller lives at the last house on the path up the hill. He comes a trottin’; when I walk by, and flops himself own in front of me and rolls over onto his back, expecting a belly rub. There’s a dog the size of a cow, and cows the size of dogs.

  • Adam Holtz

    Aww, Corgis are so cute!

  • Michel Van

    you got still a bronchitis ?
    I had very bad bronchitis for five months !
    that dam bug got me in december disguised as “common cold”
    from january i got that dam “common cold” interrupted by a flu, two bronchitis
    on that “common cold” doctor opined to let heal itself
    but since that not happen i had to go hospital for checks in april.
    result that is a persistent bronchitis in my lungs.
    they killed that bastard with broadband antibiotics and pure cortisone inhalation.

    • Anonymous

      > you got still a bronchitis ?

      On the mend, but it takes a good long while. Once you’ve had bronchitis, you’re more susceptible to getting it again. It’s starting to look like an annual thing for me.