Jan 072013

A few books found on Amazon. I do the digging so you don’t have to! (Until I did a search on Amazon for “Interstellar,” I was unaware that so much “gay bondage sci-fi” had been written. Yeeeeeeiiiiiiiich.)

I’ve read these:

And these I haven’t read:

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  • Nick P.

    Ah! The Starflight Handbook.

    I actually own that one, neat stuff.

    So there, a customer recommendation for what it’s worth.

    • Anonymous

      I own a copy myself. A much-used, dog-earred, annotated and scribbled-in copy, procured back when I was getting my Aero E degree. I just *knew* that I was going to be working on the technologies described in that book.

      Bah. Stooopid reality…