Aug 302012

Tony Chong of Northrop Grumman has posted an article on the mid-1960’s Northrop Truck-Airplane-Boat concept. The TAB is exactly what it sound like: A flying truck-boat. Or a roadable seaplane. Or a seaworthy roadable aircraft. However you want to look at it.

Northrop’s TAB for All Seasons

Go there, read and be amazed. Lots of art, photos and diagrams. It actually looks so easy. And it looks like it’d make a profoundly awesome recreational vehicle.

And I can’t *possibly* be the only person who, on reading “Truck-airplane-boat” suddenly thought of this:

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  • Friend

    Don’t you mean “Truck-Aeroplane-Boat”?

    • Anonymous

      No. Why would I?

      • Friend

        ’cause I assumed you’d like to speak English, thats all. Having read a comment in another post from you, criticising a person for using the correct pronunciation of the letter “z”.