May 312012

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down in Pacific, Ending Historic Test Flight

A helluva mission; only the second flight of the system, and it was basically entirely successful at carrying out a resupply mission.

Yes, yes, the Dragon and Falcon 9 are more or less 45 year old concepts… but that doesn’t stop them from being carried out much more efficiently and cost effectively than any other man-capable launcher. The beauty of the system isn’t in glistening new technology, but in new ways of running things.

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  • Retrorocket

    This is really great, the coverage in the media has been surprisingly good.

  • Deep Beam

    This is great news and it gives me some hope for the nations human spaceflight capacity in the next decade! No guarantees of course, but something to look forward too!

    One thing that’s been great about the coverage of this is the reaction of SpaceX personnel to their own successes. How cool is it that their mission control is right on the factory floor?

  • Fenster314

    Boeing, Lockmart or Ariane could have done this 10 years ago – but instead continued to suck the gov teat because there was no reason to innovate.