May 312012

Commenter “Jason” pointed a link to this:

Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…

The writer collates a whole lot of data to suggest, not unreasonably, that Trayvon Martin was highly interested in some powerful – and dangerous – synthetic drugs such as DXM (Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide), which can have PCP-like effects.

Also note that Martin didn’t have ice tea, as the media reported, but “Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail.” Not that it’s a factually important difference… but if you think about it, you might be able to guess why the PC-strangled media might shy away from a link to watermelons.

Additionally: a fruity drink mixed candy like Skittles and Robitusin cough syrup (specifically: Promethazine with codeine) creates a drink known as “lean” or “purple drank,” which seems to have the effect of making one euphoric and tired. The link provides numerous screenshots of Trayvons social media postings where he openly asks for assistance in acquiring codeine. Not really sure how that’d play into Trayvon’s attacking Zimmerman, but it’s nevertheless and interesting bit of Trayvon that the media doesn’t report a whole lot on.

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  • Arlukiii

    So what do you expect people to do? Wait for a complete police investigation and a calm analysis of all of the information before jumping to conclusions?

    • Anonymous

      I expect people to largely act like idiots. I expect *some* people to carefully analyze the preliminary data and figure out how to use it for their own political advantage, regardless of the facts… i.e. Jesse, Al, and the gun-grabbers.

      I *hope* that Zimmermans lawyers can figure out how to slip the zombie apocalypse defense in, since it is now relevant. Now that people in Florida know that someone who looks like he could be Obama’s son might hulk-out on synthetic drugs and eat their face off, they’ll understand that centerpunching someone who tries something like that is a perfectly valid response.

      At this point, my only real problem with Zimmerman was that he used a girl-gun caliber. In the future, let’s hope he mans up to at least a .45. With zombies, you can’t really be too sure of putting them down with a 9mm, as the cops experience showed.

      • if he’d carried a “man killer” round, the Media would have said it “proved” Z was a racist deliberately seeking someone to oppress and kill.

        It’s a similar attack used against self defense when handloads are the round of choice. Loading for increased effectiveness means you’re planning to test them on human targets and deliberately creating a situation to do so, apparently.

      • Chaser Heart

        I use a .40 SIG 226 with a 12+1 capacity loaded with hollow points. I find that the tradeoffs in “stopping power” vs. magazine capacity are well worth it given the range I would likely be using it. The fact that it seems to be pretty standard issue with the police departments in my area is purely coincidental, but knowing this combination of gun and ammunition has been proven helps me sleep at night.