May 302012

He was buzzing around again this evening, but not terribly close, so I jumped in the car and followed him around. Sadly, due to sun angle and property lines I didn’t get much of anything you’d call “good,” but I did get two I found interesting:

1) The Photobomber:

2) Pulled over at the side of the road and caught the cropduster coming and a passing car going. Gives a hint as to the operating altitude.

And while I was out I noticed a pronounced sun dog:

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  • Arlukiii

    Hmm cropduster + rainbow… Chemtrails me thinks…

  • dustmagnet21

    not much fun when you get sprayed by his “stuff” like i did – hope he looses his license

    • Anonymous

      Why would he lose his license? He seems to be doing exactly what the job entails.