Apr 112012


[youtube 7vob-w_kjYc]

And because why not:

[youtube 5erjj6aS5Ws]

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  • Jordan

    What was that magazine that always featured the gimmicky stuff? I have a feeling the BedBunker would be one of their feature products. It scores a 8 on being innovative but a 2 or 3 on being practical.

    • Nick P.

      I’d imagine there’s any number of magazines that would have stuff like this, but the one that’s really jumping to my mind is the catalog Things You Never Knew Existed.


      PS, if I want to put a link in a comment do I use regular HTML or does the system use BB codes? I really hate posting a comment only to find a link or whatever is retarded gibberish rather than functional.

  • B-Chan

    Up next: the BedBunker Buster.

    Laser burner (cat not included)

  • Any guesses on how long before some idiot kid blinds one of his playmates with a laser burner and gets them banned?

    A year? Six months?

    • Anonymous

      I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened already. Handheld lasers that can start fires have been available for several years now, and with any technology, one of the first things people do with it is something stupid.