Mar 252012

My luggage finally showed up this morning, so I was (belatedly) able to go out and do the one day of touristing I’d planned on doing. of course the first stop was the National Air and Space Museum. I’ve been to it numerous times in the past, and it doesn’t change much from decade to decade… but going to D.C. and not visiting the NASM is like going to Jerusalem and not visiting the Sexateria. It just isn’t done.

Took a bit short of a thousand photos today. Three cheers for digital photography and portable hard drives. After wandering the Mall and some museums, I’m plumb tuckered. I suppose I’ll post some of the photos after I’ve had a chance to go through ’em, but for now my next big project is of course research… the whole point of this exercise.

So until I get to go through the photos, please enjoy this LINK to a series of photos documenting a cat fight. Without video it’s hard to say, but this looks like play fighting to me. If Lockheed could make a jet fighter that was as nimble as these fellers, the US would never again be threatened.

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  • Timluetjens

    Im sure you have but, make sure you do the Air and Space museum out at Dulles. I thought it was a far superior to the mall.

    P.S. Keep up the good work. Love the blog.