Nov 282011

An odd gap in my records is a lack of good diagrams of the B-52. I’m not looking for them for resale, but for modeling and research purposes. I’ve a number of small Boeing diagrams, and some larger non-Boeing diagrams, but no good detailed large-format Boeing layout drawings of any version of the B-52.

If you have or know of a good B-52 (any model) layout drawing, either on paper or digital, please let me know. If the diagram goes into surface panel details, so much the better, but what I really need are reliable lines for the aircraft as a whole.

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  • Michael Holt

    Cleveland Model & Supply Co. ( offers extremely uncomplicated plans for a model of the XB-52 and the YB-52 (Cleveland catalog number S-195). Someone else must offer better plans, or how did that r/c B-52 get built?

    (One I’ve been trying locate is the seating arrangement in the B-47. They apparently flew with four guys, on some non-spy flights. Where the fourth guy sit?)

  • joe

    4th guy sat on a cushion on the floor of the walkway just to the left of the co-pilots seat. Didn’t get a real seat. 5th guy could sit on the floor just behind the navigator, too.

    • Michael Holt

      Thanks. I had no idea where to fit anyone else in the airplane.

  • joe

    See ‘B-47 Stratojet: Boeing’s Brilliant Bomber’ by Jan Tegler, pages 30 and 31for a nice illustration of how it’s done.

  • Jordan

    Here are a couple of links I found through Google search which may be of use:

    Also you could check:

    It sounds like you’re searching for the type of diagrams that you sell which are accurate engineering drawings. If that’s the case, then I’d have to say go get them from the NASM or National Archives. Good blueprints are difficult to come by on the internet. And the ones who have them typically don’t share.


    I just purchased an estate. In the estate was a 10 foot long blueprint for the Boeing B52. It is on a 10 foot sheet of alluminum. I believe it is the original blueprint for the plane. Any interest.

  • Chris Hassay Allen

    I Have about 20 Originals from Boeing engineers in Wichita KS