Jul 182011

Seventeenth in the series of reconstructed drawings from Paul Suhler’s book “From RAINBOW to GUSTO.” This is the Lockheed A-6-6 design as drawn by Dan Zuck in January 1959. This particular drawing has a Source Grade of four:

“RAINBOW to GUSTO” is available from Amazon:

To download the high-rez version of the A-6-6 drawing, simply click THIS LINK. You will be prompted for a username and a password. For the A-6-6 drawing, use these:

Username: the FIRST word in the body of the text on page 135

Password: the LAST word in the body of the text on page 132

(Remember: Case Sensitive!)

ALSO NOTE: if all you get is a “red X,” that means the image is too large for your browser to display (I’ve not ahd a problem with Firefox, but have had with IE). In that event, simply hit the Back button to this page, and right click on the link above and save the image directly to your computer and view from there.

Up next: A-6-9 configuration

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