Jun 282011

Karen Gillan ‘Doctor Who’ Star Found Naked In Hotel

Hello, nurse…

Karen Gillan, the British actress best known for her role in the Bbc sci-fi series Doctor Who, was found naked in the corridor of a luxury Manhattan hotel, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Naked sci-fi redhead hottie? Hmm, this seems like it merits further investigation!

But then…

Following one night in ‘The Ace’ hotel, Gillan was found “whimpering” in the corridor at around 7am

Ah… oh. That’s… kinda depressing, actually.

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Jun 282011

An illustration showing the innards of the Halibut guided missile launching sub of the 1950’s. It uses both line drawings and photos of  scale models to illustrate the scructure of the sub and the storage systems for the Regulas I and Regulas II cruise missiles. Subs like the Halibut would quickly be rendered obsolete with the successful development of the Polaris sea launched ballistic missile, which required far fewer monkeymotions to launch.

The diagram in higher rez:

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Jun 282011

All downloadable drawings and documents and APRs, as well as Reichdream items. Sale excludes matter-mail items. Minimum order: $20.

There has *got* to be a way to do this with Paypal in a way that doesn’t seem lame, but I don’t know what it is. So, here’s what I’ve come up with: order the “coupon” below (a nominal fifty cents), and at least $20 more items… and I will refund you 20% of the total. More steps than would seem necessary, but I think it should be workable. Sale will remain up through the rest of the work week… longer, if I forget.

Remember to order the “coupon” and the items all in one order. Otherwise… it won’t work. No “coupon,” no savings…

Sale has ended.
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Jun 272011

Muslim weightlifter fights to compete, hijabi-style

Short form: a female Muslim weightlifter refuses to bare her arms and legs while weightlifting, which the rules demand. So she wants the rules to change to suit her desires.

I say… go for it! For too long athletics has been driven by “who actually has the abilities required.” We’re past such elitism now. So… let weightlifters compete with their bodies hidden. Soon, we will see some real progress in exoskeletons like the Playco Armboy (a subsidiary of Yoshimoto Cyberneticso). And then we can eliminate the need for the athelete altogether, and go to a purely robitic form of competition.

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Jun 272011

Coming soon, the test-tube burger

Where we learn that Dutch scientists believe that a hamburger made from cloned cow stem cells, cultured to grow batches of muscle fibers, is about a year away.

Researchers at Utrecht University have calculated that an initial ten stem cells could produce 50,000 tons of meat in two months.

I’d like to see the math and engineering on that.

Couple the cloneburger with the poopsteak, and the future of disturbing food for all is just about complete. The topper will be when  the technology becomes commonplace enough to have a Clone-O-Mat on the kitchen counter next to the Mr. Coffee and the Salad Shooter… and hipsters replace cow stem cells with their *own* cells, and eat hipsterburgers.

You *know* it’ll happen.

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Jun 272011

Remember how the press went bonkers a few weeks ago when they declared that Sarah Palin got the history of Paul Revere wrong? Let’s see if they show the same devotion in covering this: 

[youtube k5T1Aq2tFVA]

In the first part of the video, Obama (who refers to *himself* six times in 45 seconds) gives a speech at Fort Drum on June 23rd and describes how he gave the Medal of Honor to one Jared Monti. He mentions Monti specifically because Monti was the first one “who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”

Then there’s the second part of the video, shot in September of 2009, where Obama presents the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti. Well… more accurately, to Jared Montis parents, since Monti was killed in action, and the award was posthumous.

It’s one thing to give an off-the-cuff muddled version of history from two and a third centuries ago of things that happened to other people. It’s quite another to give a prepared speech describing something that you yourself did in an incredibly public way less than two years ago… and get it *dead* *wrong.* And manage to dishonor the memory of a fallen CMH recipient while doing it.

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