Mar 102012

A Rockwell handout card (late 1980′s to 1990 or so) showing an artists impression of their early NASP configuration. This is the same design as shown HERE, but in painting rather than model form.

High-rez versions of these can be downloaded HERE.

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Mar 092012

The auction website has a listing for a Messerschmitt Me 163b rocket interceptor, with an opening bid of $650,000 and a Buy it Now price of $975,000. The photos seem to show a legit Me 163… there’s some damage. Tail’s a bit of a mess.

So if you have the better part of a million dollars and want your very own rocket fighter… well, hell, why not? Airmail from Germany, might be a bit pricy, but if you can afford the rocket fighter, you can afford the shipping. hell, you can also afford to toss a couple dozen grand my way, just for grins…

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Mar 022012

Sequel to THIS. Here are images of the NG concept of the flying wing jetliner designed for the NASA “Environmentally Responsible Aviation” program. Cruise for this design is about Mach 0.82 at 36,000 feet, for a nominal range of 8,000 n.m. Fuel burn was assumed to be 41.5% reduce from a 1998 baseline.

More illustrations including three-views HERE.

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Mar 012012

NG has recently unveiled their concepts for next generation jetliners under the NASA “Environmentally Responsible Aviation” program. NG is not known for airliners, but rather military vehicles… most famously the B-2 stealth bomber. Not surprisingly, their jetliner concept looks a whole lot like a stealthy flying wing bomber. It seems a reasonable suspicion that their work under NASA contract either makes use of existing military design work… or will form the basis of future military design work.

Since the Northrop Grumman ERA N+2 design is revolutionary (at least in terms of airliner design), they have produced a design of a Subscale Test Vehicle. At 143-foot span, it’s about 60% the size of the passenger version and 55% the size of the cargo carrying final version.

More illustrations including cutaways and three-views HERE.

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Feb 282012

Another PR card showing an X-30 NASP configuration, this being a 1990 Rockwell configuration. It’s similar to but noticeably fatter than the earlier generic configuration (shown HERE).

Hi-rez versions of these can be downloaded HERE.

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