Mar 212012

The AH-64 Apache is a tough bird. But it’s not tougher than the entire *Earth.* Consequently, you should avoid ramming the Earth with your AH-64…

[youtube kfFnNfszY9M]

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Mar 172012

I put together a number of photos I recently took of Hill Aerospace Museums newly-restored F-104A into a free downloadable PDF booklet.

If you like this, feel free to distribute hither and yon. If you *really* like this, feel free to toss a dollar or three my way.

If there is interest, I will make more of this sort of thing… I have a vast collection of photos of aerospace and weapons systems that might be of interest.

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Mar 132012

This design was featured in the F-23 derivatives article in the recent V3N2 issue of Aerospace Projects Review. This was an attempt by Northrop to adapt F-23 design elements to a Naval role, carrier-capable.

A high-rez version of this can be downloaded HERE.

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Mar 102012

A Rockwell handout card (late 1980′s to 1990 or so) showing an artists impression of their early NASP configuration. This is the same design as shown HERE, but in painting rather than model form.

High-rez versions of these can be downloaded HERE.

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