Feb 112012

In October of 1969, General Dynamics/Convair reported to NASA on their Space Shuttle design work. This included a series of vehicles that utilized boosters and orbiters of similar geometry… basically little more than flat-bottomed aeroshells wrapped around the oxygen and hydrogen tanks. Both the booster and orbiter used turbofans stowed in the nose for flyback, and high aspect ratio variable geometry wings.

A number of configurations were studied, including triamese configurations with two boosters that had considerable commonality with the orbiter, to two-stage systems with entirely different boosters and orbiters.  Payloads studied ranged from 25,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds. Note in the scale drawings below that the 50K version was virtually the same size as the Saturn V. This was due in part to the all-hydrogen fuel, and part as a consequence of reusability.

Higher rez versions of these drawings are posted HERE.

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Feb 112012

Another of the CAD models I tinkered together with the notion of kitting it is the late 1940’s Hiller Helicopter VJ-100 jet-powered tailsitter. It needs work to the cockpit and the exhaust (especially the thrust vectoring vanes), but is otherwise pretty close.

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Feb 082012

Another CAD model I’ve been tinkering with is a Convair “Triamese” space shuttle concept. If it were to be  turned into a kit, the parts would include the wings either retracted or deployed… due to the difficulty in making the numerous little hinged doors actually work in practice, making a truly VG model would be impractical.

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Feb 052012

Ah, yes. Remember the good old days when Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama was going to restore the world’s faith in the US by not being such a meanie as that nasty ol’ dummy George Bush? Yeah, about that…

U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners

When even the screamingly leftist rag “Salon” is taking some notice of Saint Obamessiah targetting civilians, you know that something’s up.

As Fark.com put it:

Remember how Obama said that US drone attacks have “not caused a huge number of civilian casualties?” Yeah, turns out they’ve been targeting rescuers at the scenes of previous attacks. And firing on mourners at funerals

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Feb 052012

Conceptual artwork from 1967 depicting a Mach 10 to Mach 14 hypersonic transport. Hydrogen burning scramjets would provide cruise propulsion at an altitude of 110,000 to 140,000 feet. No further data is available apart from what can be determined from the artwork. There are 136 seats, relatively few for an aircraft that is clearly quite large. The general configuration is similar to the hypersonic testbed previously posted HERE, especially the propulsion system & inlet arrangement.

A very hi-rez version of this can be downloaded HERE.

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