Jul 252015

I have added three hi-rez scans to the APR Patreon “Extras” Dropbox folder for the month of 2015-07. If you are interested in these, they are available to all $4 and up patrons at the APR Patreon.

Bell artwork from the late 70’s or ’80’s depicting the D316 tiltrotor, a proposed operational derivative of their XV-15 research tiltrotor.

Bel D316 Tiltrotor art

Convair 58-9 SST, derived from the B-58 bomber (see HERE for a well illustrated article on this and other B-58 SSTs):

Convair 59-9 SST display model

Early artwork for a VTOL fighter concept from Ryan; this would eventually become the X-13:

early ryan X-13 art

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Jul 212015

Oh, boy! We’re doooooomed!

Handgun-firing drone appears legal in video, but FAA, police probe further


A quadrotor equipped with a handgun, apparently built by an 18-year-old Connecticutter for a college class. It has the expected groups all in a tizzy.

Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation

Connecticut teen flies gun-toting drone. How is this legal?

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Jul 202015

Lockheed to buy United Tech’s Sikorsky for over $8 billion

One of these days Boeing (McDonnell-Douglas-Rockwell-North American) will merge with Lockheed (Martin Marietta-General Dynamics-Convair) and Northrop-Grumman, and then the American aviavtion industry will be one massive conglomerate, every bit as exciting, innovative and independent as, say, British Aerospace…

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Jul 192015

There’s no denying that the Avro Vulcan is a hell of a machine. Imagine if the British aerospace industry hadn’t been turned into mush and they’d replaced with Vulcan with something even more impressive.

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Jul 102015

Here’s one showing the mission profile of the basic HL-20-derived “Dream Chaser” lifting body spacecraft:

Since Sierra Nevada didn’t win one of the big commercial crew transport contracts from NASA, I don’t really know here they stand on developing the manned vehicle. But they are also advertising a somewhat smaller unmanned vehicle for cargo delivery to/from the ISS. I admit to being confounded by this. What cargo is there that’s in need of coming *down* that would merit the development of a new reusable spacecraft?

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Jul 082015

I haven’t had an opportunity to really dig into this, but Boeing just patented a jet engine powered not by hydrocarbon fuel combustion but by small nuclear explosions. Basically an Orion (via laser-driven inertial confinement compression of tiny fusion fuel pellets) in a jet, stuck on a passenger plane.


The US Patent Office page on this.

THIS should link directly to the PDF of the patent.

Sigh. Every single time I think I’ve got a handle on “this is everything in the world of NPP, I can finally finish the book,” they suck me back in

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Jul 072015

Now available… three new additions to the US Aerospace Projects series.

US Bomber Projects #15

USBP#15 includes:

  • Bell D2001: A 1957 eight-engined Bell VTOL strike plane for the Navy
  • Lockheed “Harvey”: AKA the Hopeless Diamond, Lockheeds first design for what became the F-117
  • Convair Model 35: An early push-pull concept for the B-36
  • Rockwell D661-27: A nuclear powered strategic bomber
  • Boeing Model 464-49: The penultimate major design in the development of the B-52
  • Boeing Model 988-123: A highly agile stealthy strike fighter
  • Boeing Orbital Bomber: An early concept for a Dyna Soar derivative with eight nukes
  • Boeing Model 701-251: A twin engined concept on the road to the XB-59

USBP#15 can be purchased for downloading for the low, low price of $4.




US Transport Projects #4

USTP#4 includes:

  • Boeing Model 473-13: An early twin-engine jetliner
  • ICARUS Troop Transport: 1,200 marines, anywhere, anytime
  • Republic Model 10 SST: A little known SST competitor
  • Lockheed CL-593: A giant, if slow, logistics transporter
  • Boeing 763-059 NLA: A whole lotta passengers in one place
  • Fairchild M-534: A B-36 converted into a vast cargo carrier
  • Lockheed CL-1201: Probably the largest aircraft ever designed
  • Oblique All-Wing Supersonic Airplane: A supersonic variable-orientation flying wing

USTP#4 can be purchased for downloading for the low, low price of $4.




US Launch Vehicle Projects #2

USLP#2 includes:

  • Juno V, 4 stage: An early design that became the Saturn rocket
  • Boeing “Space Freighter”: a giant two-stage spaceplane for launching solar power satellites
  • Boeing NASP-D: A rare look at an operational National Aerospace Plane derivative
  • LLNL Mockingbird: The smallest SSTO ever designed
  • Boeing Model 922-101: A fully reusable Saturn V
  • NAR Phase B Space Shuttle: a fully reusable two-stage concept
  • Martin Marietta Inline SDV: A Shuttle-derived heavy lifter
  • Scaled Composites Model 351: The Stratolaunch carrier aircraft

USLP#2 can be purchased for downloading for the low, low price of $4.



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