Here’s a look at issues 9 and 10 of US Bomber Projects (just noticed that issue 8 isn’t listed on the main USBP page… hopefully that explains the dismal sales. Until I fix up the web page, you can order #8 HERE).

booklet 9-Model booklet 10-Model

A potential followup to THIS POST seems to show a better view of what may be a new stealthy aircraft:

Wichita’s mystery in the sky


A tiny amount of processing gives this:


To me, this might be a B-2, The underside of the “nose” certainly looks like the complex contouring of the B-2. But the trailing edge *looks* unlike the B-2. Another sites’ attempt at processing gives an interesting trailing edge:

Clearer photo of mysterious unidentified flying object taken in Kansas


If this is accurate, the aircraft looks like nothing so much as the Boeing Model 988-122, one of a series of stealthy and semi-stealthy highly maneuverable multi-role aircraft designed around 1996:

Boeing 988-122 iso Boeing 988-122

The innards of the initial Model 2707 SST from Boeing. Image originally from an ebay listing.

2707 sst

XCOR Aerospace Announces Brian Binnie as Newest Test Pilot

What makes this “Huh”-worthy is that Bran Binnie flew SpaceShipOne back in the day. You woulda thought he’d've been onboard for SpaceShipTwo, but he’s signed on with XCOR instead.

I have heard *rumors* to the effect that SS2 has been having difficulties with their hybrid rocket motor. Given that XCOR is a rocket engine company, I would imagine their propulsion system does what it’s supposed to.

Boeing artwork from December 1963 depicting the Model 733-197 swing-wing SST.  Noteworthy is the resemblance to the later Rockwell B-1 bomber, except with less blending and separately podded engines.

Image29 (2)

The National Museum of the USAF has a 360-degree panable view of the inside of the cockpit of their B-36. I’ve been in a B-36 cockpit… not near as spacious as you might think. But boy howdy does it have a whole lot of dials…

B-36J Cockpit Virtual Tour


They have a bunch of these 360-degree panos. Take A Look.

A cutaway of an early Model 733 supersonic transport with swing-wings. From the Jay Miller archive.

Mystery Aircraft Over Texas

Includes two *exceedingly* poor-rez photos of an aircraft at some altitude (more complete photos at the link):


Looks like a flying wing aircraft of some size.

Found on ebay:

Keith Ferris Original Oil Painting Ryan Firebee II Aviation Art

Asking price: $1,795.00. A bit rich for my blood. But fortunately, the listing comes with a  pretty good photo of the piece:


I took the liberty of perspective-correcting, cropping and fade-correcting it. Please to enjoy:

firebee fixed

This is kinda neat:

Why The U.S. Built A Giant Sound Stage In The California Desert

A large building at Naval Air Warfare Center China Lake was built in the early ’90′s as a means of testing missile guidance systems. In the Missile Engagement Simulation Arena, full-size aircraft mockups are suspended and maneuvered as marionettes for the benefit of missile sensors.

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