Boeing 777 wing stress test. If you’re bombing along in such a plane and you’re hitting turbulence and worried about the wing snapping off… compare what you see out the window to what you see here. If you’re not getting 24 *feet* of deflection, you’re probably safe.

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Similar test of the 787:

Boeing Completes Ultimate-Load Wing Test on 787 K64913


The latest releases in the “US Aerospace Projects” line (see the full library HERE):

US Bomber Projects #12 contents:

  • Boeing Model 464-41: A turboprop B-52 predecessor
  • Boeing “Big Bird”: a long-durational, low-speed, low-altitude missile carrying loiterer
  • Douglas MX-2091-E: A 1950′s canard configured missile carrier
  • Boeing Model 701-238: A supersonic design on the road to the B-59
  • Northrop Nuclear Flying Wing: Atomic power with two crew pods
  • Martin Model 223-12: the final design in the XB-48 design series
  • Rockwell MRCC: An airplane that could be tossed into space atop an RSRM
  • Lockheed CL-820-8: A Mach 3 variable-geometry design

USBP #12 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:







New: American Nuclear Explosive Devices #01

This is a prototype issue for what may become a series but which I hope to turn into a Real Book. The plan is to eventually document via accurate and detailed diagrams every nuclear explosive device produced by the US (obviously some are a little lean on declassified data). This includes bombs, Re-Entry Vehicles, a few actual “physics packages” and some stand-alone test devices. ANED01 contains information and diagrams of the first three atom bombs worked on by the US: the Thin Man and Little Boy air-droppable bombs and the Trinity “Gadget” test device. The American Nuclear Explosive Devices webpage is HERE.

ANED01 is formatted for 11X17, so the diagrams are good and large.

ANED #01 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:




Next two releases in progress. Note that one is a little different…

booklet 12-Model


A truly gigantic RC Antononv 225 Mriya and Buran flying around in Switzerland. All goes well until the Buran is released and then… well, you see why when the 747 dropped the Enterprise, the 747 promptly dove just as fast as it could…

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Surprising that it has taken this long:

Osprey Fires Guided Rockets And Missiles In New Trials

A somewhat anti-climactic video:

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As shown HERE, way back in the 1980′s Bell/Boeing wanted to make an “AV-22″ which would have been an attack variant of the V-22, equipped with a nose turreted 20mmGatlign gun, Sidewinders hanging off the side and Maverick missiles stored internally.

Ever since I started working on Aerospace Projects Review in the late 1990′s, people have asked from time to time if I planned on putting out an April Fools edition,or covering fictional designs, something along those lines. And I have always shot that concept down, because one thing I don’t want to do is contribute to confusion of mythology. Because even the most transparent fakery can be believed by far too many people (witness the patently absurd modern fiction called “Die Glocke”).

One of the better known “fakes” that has sometimes been understood to be real is the “Klagenfurt Klf 255.” This was originally published in the French aviation magazine “Fana de l’Aviation” as an April Fools gag in 1973. Supposedly a wartime German design for a rocket powered interceptor, the diagrams are actually reasonably convincing, as are the pre-Photoshop fake photos… but it was nevertheless pure fiction.

klf 255

Some years back someone sent me a photocopy of the original article. I’ve scanned it in PDF format and posted it to the APR Patreon for all patrons (this means as cheap as $0.75/month). Enjoy. And remember… It’s A Faaaaaaaaaake.


If you would like to access these items and support the cause of acquiring and sharing these pieces of aerospace history, please visit my Patreon page and consider contributing.


Ah, the A-10…

a-10 burp

Let it never be said that airline travel can’t get worse:

U.S. Airways Jet From Israel Diverts to Rome After 16 Get Sick

Not just sick… chain-vomiting sick. Due, at least initially, to an “odor.”

Here’s the bit I don’t get, though:

Two passengers and 14 crew members were given medical treatment after a U.S. Airways flight to Philadelphia from Israel made an emergency landing in Rome the airline said.

Fourteen crew members?

U.K. Security Experts Worried About Terrorist Attack Around Christmas

Counterterrorism officials in the U.S. and the United Kingdom have been quietly discussing an outright ban on hand-carried luggage aboard airplanes for weeks now … discussing whether to require that electronics such as cellphones, iPads and computers be placed in the cargo hold with checked baggage

Neat. Hours and hours and hours crammed into a tiny seat next to smelly strangers, behind some jackhole who slams his seat back int your knees… and no laptop or book or DVD player or such for you. You sit there and stare at that seatback and go slowly insane.

Thanks Surt worshippers. Y’all suck and your goals suck.


They’re working on compact lightweight electrical (as opposed to chemical) laser weapons specifically for use on aircraft. One goal it to mount such a weapon to a drone to provide defense against missiles. A phased array system, similar to the PHASAR system from the SDI days, is hoped to be capable of providing up to 100 kilowatts of weapons grade deathray.

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