Jun 152016

Obviously Hillary and Trump are out. I’d been considering Gary Johnson, even though he’s pretty lackluster. But now… all I have are people to vote *against.* Why? Behold:

Gary Johnson Shoots Himself in the Foot: Throws Out Austin Petersen’s Gun

Short form: after clinching the Libertarian nomination, Austin Petersen, another Libertarian candidate, gave Johnson a replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol. A little odd, but I guess a nice gesture. But hotel guests saw Johnson dumping the pistol into a trash can, fished it out and returned it to Petersen.

Weak. Weeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

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Jun 142016

Qatar convicts Dutch woman held ‘after being raped’

She got roofied, knocked unconscious, raped and then reported it… and then got convicted of having sex outside of marriage and has been fined $824. The only good part of the story is that she’s also being deported, which, under the circumstances,  is a definite bonus.

The article also points out that further hijinks like this are afoot in 2022, when Qatar hosts the Fifa World Cup. That’s apparently some sort of Gathering of the Juggalos-type get-together for a bunch of drunk British hooligans to come and watch some teams play a paint-dryingly-boring childrens game and riot.

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Jun 122016

Twenty are dead after someone – identity as yet undivulged – opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The FBI is investigating this as terrorism, which certainly seems reasonable. So, get ready for your new media obsession for the next week or three, at least until Trump opens his yap and says something stupid.

About 20 people dead, more than 40 taken to hospital after shooting at downtown Orlando nightclub

So, since there is as yet no data on the shooter, speculation will of course run rampant. The top four, as it seems to me:

  1. Run of the mill whackjob
  2. Some whackjob with a problem with the club (former employee) or someone there (former boyfriend)
  3. Religious whackjob, tweaked about teh gheys. Note: reports are the terrorist *may* have been wearing a bomb vest, *may* have been strapping bombs to hostages. I leave it to you to decide if that sounds like any religion in particular.
  4. Conspiracy Theory Wildcard: Umm… lessee. Ah, got it. The gunman was brainwashed by Obama to shoot up a Protected Class in order to gin up outrage among the electorate to help ram through new gun control measures and/or divert attention away from Hillarys upcoming indictment

UPDATE: The Daily Fail is already reasonably certain of the motive

UPDATE 2: And we have a winner. Multiple news outlets including CNN are ID’ing the terrorist as one “Omar Saddiqui Mateen” from Port St. Lucie, Florida, American born to Afghani parents.

UPDATE 3: Latest number I’ve heard is 59 dead, confirmed as 50 or more. Worst mass shooting in the US since at least the 19th century.

UPDATE 4: Omar pledged his loyalty to Islamic State on a call to 911 during the shootout.

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Jun 092016

It’s not uncommon that the authors of a scientific paper have to publish a correction at a later time. Even ignoring the occasional bit out outright fraud, it’s neither unexpected not unforgivable for there to be errors in math or problems in data collection or interpretation. What is a little unusual, however, is for the data to be *reversed.* Take, for example, a study from Virginia Commonwealth University, published in 2012:

Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies

The takeaway from this study was that there seemed to be a correlation between psychopathy and political conservatism. This study got some press and is undoubtedly still being used to whop conservatives over the head… “See? The science says you guys are not just nuts, but bad guys!”

Ah, but then there’s this:

Erratum to “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies” American Journal of Political Science 56 (1), 34–51

Ahem (bolding mine):

The authors regret that there is an error in the published version of “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies” American Journal of Political Science 56 (1), 34–51. The interpretation of the coding of the political attitude items in the descriptive and preliminary analyses portion of the manuscript was exactly reversed. Thus, where we indicated that higher scores in Table 1 (page 40) reflect a more conservative response, they actually reflect a more liberal response. Specifically, in the original manuscript, the descriptive analyses report that those higher in Eysenck’s psychoticism are more conservative, but they are actually more liberal; and where the original manuscript reports those higher in neuroticism and social desirability are more liberal, they are, in fact, more conservative.


Admittedly this is not really news… the correction was first published months ago. Still, it’s interesting. Ya gotta wonder what happened with the authors… were they teased mercilessly by their fellows? Were they met with rounds of “happens to all of us?” Or, just possibly, “hey, you got a lot of people to think that conservatives are psychos, so, well done?”

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Jun 082016

Ummm… something or other about this image seems… I dunno, “disturbing.”


Hillary’s nomination a win 96 years in the making

hill 1 hill 2

“Clinton/Clark 2016: Making the world safe for the Shadows.”


The full photo reminds me of something, but for the life of me I can’t recall what.


Anyway, I’ve found my candidate of choice for this election cycle:


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Jun 052016

Who said Socialism never aided business growth? If you are a grenade manufacturer or dealer, Venezuela is the place to be!

Deaths From Hand Grenades Rise in Venezuela

47 people killed with grenades in 2015. Still small compared to the overall of 27,875 homicides (90 per 100,000). But hey, the economic conditions are so spectacularly awesome that the military is selling things like AT-4 anti-tank missiles to street criminals.

Feel the Bern!

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Jun 042016

The political left is starting to show its true colors. I imagine the next few months will get pretty nasty now that leftists and their allies have realized that they can physically assault Donald Trump supporters in front of the police and not be stopped or arrested.

Given that a Chavez-like Socialist stood a realistic chance of getting the Democratic nomination, it shouldn’t be surprising that the sort of violence flaring up in Venezuela will become popular on American streets.

The funny thing is, this sort of thing will probably only make Trump more popular, since the criminals are showing themselves to be what they are, and making Trumps point for him.

This is hardly unique. Racist groups/Sanders supporters (but then, I repeat myself) are using disruption and assault and threats to prevent people from being heard


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Jun 042016

Kind People Saw a Photo of Abandoned Cat Crying on the Street and Did Something Incredible

Well, not really *that* incredible, but still. In short, this cat was clearly abandoned out on the street, his litter box and other cat stuff piled up; the cat stayed near his stuff and cried to passersby. Sadly a street sweeper scared it off, but a search was put together and he (and one other cat) were found and are being treated at the vet and being readied for adoption.

I guess I can understand that fr0m time to time people might need to let go of their pets. But given how many people there are who would happily take them in, just dumping them out on the street, as was done With Bruce and with “Nostrand” here, just doesn’t make the slightest damn bit of sense to me.

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May 312016

So, the kid climbs into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnatti Zoo, gets dragged around by one of the gorillas, who gets whacked by the zoo personnel in order to save the kid. There is a whole lot of stupid to go around here… the zoo that made an enclosure easily breached, the parents who couldn’t or wouldn’t keep track of their kids. Lots of stupid, but little actual humor. In the end, the basic story is jsut sad… the gorilla pretty much *had* to die once it started dragging the kid around, but the kid didn’t *have* to be in the position to be dragged around. Stupid. Not funny.

But right on schedule, leave it to politically minded idiots to inject humor into the situation. Gentlemen, behold:

Killing a gorilla to save a ‘white boy’ was a ‘racist’ move, according to outcry

The Twitterstorm of racist dumbassery includes:

And there are a great many more in this vein. That in and of itself is funny, in a kind of predictably sad, pathetic way. But you know what brings the story to the point of high comedy? Here’s the kid and his parents:

Now, I admit that I’m not as “awakened” or “enlightened” to racial issues as many people, but there seems to be something here that makes me scratch my head in confusion about this white kid.

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