Nov 042015

Natural Remedies for Whooping Cough: Getting Through It IS Possible

Thrill to the adventures of a Mother Of The Year candidate who subjected her three young children to whooping cough sans medical treatment. Instead: homeopathy.

Words cannot express just how awful and stupid this dimwit is. Although a good effort is made here:

Horrifying suffering caused by treating pertussis “naturally”

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Nov 032015

Liveleak has posted a video that is *claimed* to be of  failed suicide bomber in Yemen. The story is said to be that the feller was riding a motorbike and wearing an explosive belt, heading towards some target or other, but it went off early, blowing him in half. So what we’ve got here laying in the street is the guys upper torso, head, left arm and upper right arm; legs, lower torso and right hand are apparently elsewhere. What’s kinda twitch-makin’ is that he seems to be still alive. There is remarkably little blood… you’d expect it to be dumping out of him. But *perhaps* when he separated the great bulk of his blood was promptly jettisoned and is elsewhere. How he can still be even *kinda* alive is beyond me, unless what’s seen here as signs of life – head moving and such – are just nerves twitching, post mortem.

Anyway, embedding the video here in the open seems like maybe not the best for this here Disney-level family-friendly fricken’ blog.  So ifn’ ya want to see what happens when you don’t bring enough bomb, check out the link.

The video leaves on a cliffhanger. Did he survive? Did he learn to walk again? Will his legs vote in the next Democratic primary in Chicago? Will Lance Henrickson portray him in the movie?

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Nov 032015

Recently the news media has been ulcerating over a “school resource officer” pitching some kid across the floor. Now why would people who work in schools possibly be so twitchy that they would resort to such violent means, as opposed to simply shrink-wrapping the student into her chair and dragging her out to the front to to await pickup by her parents? Hmmm. Let me think.

Note: Not Safe For Work language. Not Safe For Your Hope For The Future behavior.

School isn’t for everyone, such as many of the participants shown here. This was apparently shot in 2011, so I’d assume that the bureaucracy went ahead and rubber stamped some diplomas for these rambunctious lil’ tykes, but in a better world they would be expelled and barred from the public school system for at least a year. Anyone looking to hire them would automatically (somehow) be presented with this video and any other documentation so that they would essentially be barred from any but the lowliest forms of employment; they would also be barred from receiving any form of government assistance.

The preferred end result is deportation. A yearly shipment of the ill-behaved such as these to, say, Damascus would seem a good way to go.

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Oct 272015

Ok, long story short: yesterday I came into possession of a cat named “Bruce.” I did not seek out Bruce; I just wanted to mail a box at the post office and wound up with a cat. Bruce had been in an apartment, but when the landlords told the people “no cats,” their response was to just kick the cat out onto the streets.



Anyway, I found a new home for him with one of my neighbors (four cats is several too many, realistically)… until her husband came home and nixed the idea. And so Bruce was delivered back to my house.


And then I found another home; slight difficulty in that that home is 1200 miles from here, but that’s not insurmountable. Apparently United and Delta will both transport critters.


So today I took Bruce to the vet for the standard checkup. And as it turns out… Bruce has feline leukemia. Spectacular. This nixes the distant home, since there is another cat there, and I don’t want to deliver a “special needs” cat there.


So now I have cat number five. He will be permanently quarantined in the basement, what with the transmissible fatal virus and all. This is not terribly fair to him, but it’s the best I can do. I’m going to try to find him another home, but I’m foreseeing some difficulty there. It seems to me that any household that loves cats enough to take in a cat that a few years from now will start requiring extra medical care will probably already have cats. So, uhhh… anybody want a cat?


Bruce is an astonishingly friendly cat – with humans. With other cats he is extraordinarily antisocial; under the circumstances, that’s just fine.  So unless I can find him a good home, he’s going have his own apartment in my basement. It used to be one of my computer rooms; it will be again so that he won’t feel like an abandoned cat… again. This can only last a little while. Eventually the leukemia will kick in, and I’ll be forced to do something I really don’t want to do (again).WP_20151027_017

The AMC series “The Walking Dead” has repeatedly  made a point of showing awful consequences of characters showing any sort of soft heartedness. While I have so far managed to avoid being consumed by zombies, here, once again, an attempt to do A Nice Thing for an abused animal leads to a gut-punch.

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Oct 222015

News out of Sweden:

Sword-wielding man kills 2 in Swedish school attack

No information on the attacker, who is apparently dead, shot by the cops. A few details:

This took place in the *awesomely* named town of Trollhattan.

The attacker was wearing a weird costume, leading people to think he was a cosplayer or a Halloweenie… until he started chopping at people. Costume include a Nazi-style helmet, a paintball mask, a trenchcoat, boosts and a sword. Some people seem to think he was going for “Darth Vader,” but if so he fell pretty short.

Surfing around the web, there is no data as yet on who the attacker was or why he did it. However, Commenters from around the world have concluded that it’s one of two things:

  1. A Muslim immigrant going all Palestinian
  2. An ethnic Swede going all Breivik on a school apparently loaded with immigrants

Let the ill-informed speculatin’ begin!

Here’s an article written in some weird moon-man language, complete with a photo of the attacker (he posed for photos before going bugnuts):

Hennes lärare blev attackerad av svärdmannen

If *either* of the possibilities given above – Muslim or anti-Muslim – proves to be the case, this could well be the harbinger of entertaining times to come.


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Oct 192015

An Airbus A319 took off from Santiago, Chili, on October 14, and promptly lost both port engine cowl doors. Probably weren’t properly latched down. Whoopsie!

ASN Wikibase Occurrence # 180383



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Oct 142015

Nickelodeon to Bring ‘H.R. Pufnstuf’ Back to TV After 45 Years


“H.R. Pufnstuff” aired in 1969, slightly before I was born. But reruns ran for several years, well into my childhood. It has nevertheless been 40 or so years since I’ve seen any of this; I was too young for it to have made a meaningful impression regarding the plots or characters or dialogue, but I’ve got these weird impressions of snippets, like ill-remembered bits of ancient dreams. And those impressions make me feel sullied and unusual.

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