Feb 182015

Are you a replicant? How about your co-workers? Or your significant other? You don’t* really* know unless you put them through a Voight-Kampff test. But now rather than a dreary, time consuming series of questions about turtles and deserts, now you can simply present this series of images. If you don’t get “hey, it’s my allergies” on at least a 50% of these, you have a replicant on your hands.






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Feb 072015

While I’m hearing rumors that it’s been unnecessarily cold and snowy out east, here in Utah winter seems to have forgotten how to wint. According to weather.com, todays high was 61 degrees (though driving down the highway I saw 65), the low was 38. The average is 35 degrees. The high, set in 2007, was 57 degrees.

This does not bode well for a survivable summer.

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Feb 062015

Last night I went to upload the monthly catalogs of diagrams & documents for the $10-level Patreon patrons to choose from… and found that something screwy is going on with the file attachment system. After much useless flailing I determined that the system, which has worked fine until now, is just plain broken. However, an alternate system seems to have presented itself which should work just fine. And additionally I wound up adding two pieces of high-rez artwork for $4-and-up-level patrons… an X-14C VTOL ground attack plan weapons loadout display, and the Bell “Mighty Mouse” small assault transport tiltrotor. If you would like to become a patron and get occasional bonus goodies like these (as well as the regular monthly rewards), please consider signing up to become a patron. For a pittance per month, you get all kinds of aerospace history goodies.


The full-size versions (available to $4 patrons under the “Creations” tab) are much bigger:

Image5a Image100

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Feb 042015

Multiple Passengers Killed in TransAsia Airways Bridge Crash

Notice the taxi-van getting clipped. The driver apparently suffered some head injury, on the order of a concussion.

A video from the same dashcam, with excessive Action News Chyron Gibberish plastered all over the screen…

UPDATE: Here’s  somewhat better version of the footage, still with added nonsense:

Here’s the dashcam from the next car back:

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Feb 032015

Jordan recently said that if ISIS killed the Jordanian pilot they’d captured, Jordan would in turn start executing ISIS prisoners. Well, guess what:

ISIS hostage burned alive

Video and stills appear to show a Jordanian military pilot being burned alive while confined in a cage.

This seems to have been done perhaps a month ago, so all the negotiations since then were fraudulent on ISIS’s part. I would not want to be an ISIS prisoner in Jordanian custody tonight.

Jordan, unlike many Arab nations, is armed with a whole lot of *American* weapons. So it’ll be interesting to see if Jordan decides  to introduce them to ISIS directly.

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Feb 022015

So about six weeks ago Buttons got some minor surgery to examine what the vet thought might be a tumor but turned out to be a cyst. A few days ago I noticed an almost identical lump… this time one the right side of his jaw rather than the left as before. so today I took him back to the vet to get it dealt with. Didn’t seem like much of a thing except that it was causing him apparent pain.

So in the grand tradition, the vet took one look at him today and wondered if Buttons’ seemingly constant series of little illnesses was due to feline leukemia or feline AIDS. So a simple drop-off to take care of a simple job turned intoa  whole day of wondering about not only Buttons but all the other cats here. Feline leukemia and AIDS are fatal diseases and apparently fairly easily transmitted, so having one cat with one of them would mean chances are *really* good that the others would as well. So… fun day of hair-pulling. Fortunately tests came back negative. But he still wound up getting cut on and stitches.

I remain impressed by the feline ability to shrug off insults to their bodies. When I brought him home, he was promptly as friendly and affectionate as ever. And then he slept some.


A few days ago:


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Feb 012015

Fourth-grader suspended after using magic from ‘The Hobbit’

Little kid saw “The Hobbit,” brought a ring to school and told another kid that said ring could make said other kid “disappear.” SUSPENDED!

the principal said threats to another child’s safety would not be tolerated – whether magical or not.


Anybody else here old enough to remember when “imagination” wasn’t considered something to be *entirely* stamped out in school?

People freaking out about kids using “magic” makes as much sense as people refusing to vaccinate their kids… and should be met with the same response: if you are afraid of vaccinations or magic, you don’t have to send you kid to school. In fact… you’re not allowed to. Go wipe out your *own* gene pool, leave everybody else out of your stupidity.

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