Jan 302015

Russia may declare 1990 reunification illegal

Sergei Naryshkin, speaker of Russian parliament’s lower house, on Wednesday ordered legislators to consider an appeal from a Communist Party deputy to denounce the reunification of Germany as an illegal land grab of East Germany by its western neighbour.



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Jan 222015

The King of Saudi Arabia (future historians note: the transitional period between “Arabia” and “South-East Province, Republic of Greater Israel), that is.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘reformer’ King Abdullah dies

Now to see who puts in an appearance at the inevitable Gathering Of Terribly Important People. Ya gotta wonder if there might be Certain Administrations who make more of an effort here than, say, showing solidarity with the French a week or so back…

POLITICS G20 202428

Shown: a sycophant bowing and scraping before the now deceased King Abdullah.

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Jan 222015

Two news stories about billionaires relating to regular folk:

Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

And then there’s this:

‘People need to have less things in life’, says U.S. billionaire after flying into Davos on private jet with his wife, children and TWO nannies

 Jeff Greene made a fortune betting against sub-prime mortgage securities
If you haven’t heard of Jeff Greene before, neither had I. But he is a public figure. A real man of the people. Really in touch with the problems of the regular working schmoe. Sure, you might *think* that he’s out of touch, another one of the Evil Rich Guys we’re always told are trying to screw up the planet for their own gain, but he’s really a Good Guy. A hero, really. How do I know this? Well, take a look at this photo of him, and see if you can find the subtle hint that tells you that, despite all evidence, he’s really an Awesome Human Being:
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Jan 212015

Remember, these are the jackholes who want to drag Israel before the International Criminal Court…

“The stabbing operation against Zionists in Tel Aviv is a heroic and daring act. This is a natural reaction to the occupation’s crimes and its terrorism against our people,” Izzat al Risheq, an official at Hamas’s political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page.

Who were these Zionists who deserved to be stabbed to death? Random civilians on a bus. And at least one woman *not* on the bus, who was caught on video being stabbed in the back.

Palestinian Stabs Passengers on Tel Aviv Bus

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Jan 152015

Person of the Year: The Notorious Mr. Putin

In December, however, Moscow signaled plans to take over the Sea Launch program and use it to collaborate with Brazil or other so-called BRICS countries… “Now, after the latest events in Ukraine, one may forget about industrial production [there], let alone high-tech manufacturing. It’s dead,” he said, citing the Sea Launch platform’s proximity to the U.S. coast near Los Angeles. “Naturally we will take it away for our own use.”

A joint US-Canada project? Sure. US-UK? Sure. US-Germany? Sure. Heck, US-Anybody-In-NATO? Sure. But teaming up with nations that have the distinct potential of nationalizing industries, or undergoing severe political reversals? Not such a wise idea.

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Jan 152015

And all these years I was thinking that it was just a fictional punchline to English jokes.

How do I know that Belgium and the Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards are real? Because they’ve entered the exciting world of Jihad:

Belgian operation thwarted ‘major terrorist attacks’

Two dead, one injured and in custody. Reportedly an ISIS cell on the brink of carrying out a Charlie-Hebdo-style attack.

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