Feb 062016

The United States is probably unique, or close to it, in having a government where no matter how religious the people in it are, they’re not allowed to impose their religious views on the masses… and yet the masses generally demand that the political leaders be (or at least pretend to be) quite religious.

One talk show personality I listen to on occasion is Michael Medved. When he’s talking about politics, I generally find him to be reasonable… but he loses his damn mind when he starts going off about religion. A day or two back I heard him discussing the idea of electing an atheist President. He opposes the idea because, in his view, without some Unchangeable Universal Truth upon which to anchor your decision making on… why, an atheist could suddenly decide tomorrow that murder is awesome! Rape is neato! He has taken this position numerous times, and I’ve been hearing it from others for decades.

I take issue with this line of reasoning on two grounds:

  1. Name me a religion that’s more than a century old that really, truly has unshaken, unbending moral positions. Not so fast, Christianity. Sit your ass back down and ponder the 1800 years when you thought slavery was cool, and suddenly changed your mind when the industrial revolution made slavery non-competitive in the marketplace. Or why you *now* think that democracy is a good idea, but back when Korah wanted a bit of it, God smote tens of thousands of people for the sin of being geographically nearby.
  2. If atheists, who are not anchored by faith in some specific set of codes brought down from On High, are so likely to wander to and fro ethically… why are there so few of them in prison? Attend:

Are Prisoners Less Likely To Be Atheists?

Where we find that in 2013, the US Federal prison system found:

Protestant 28.7% 44.0%
Catholic 24.0 25.1
Muslim 8.4 0.6
Native American 3.1 0.1
Pagan 2.0 0.1
Jewish 1.7 1.2
Churches of Christ 1.5 0.8
Buddhist 1.0 0.5
Jehovah’s Witness 0.7 0.8
Seventh Day Adventist 0.3 0.4
Mormon 0.3 1.4
Eastern Orthodox 0.2 0.4
Apostolic 0.2 0.4
Hindu 0.1 0.3
Atheist 0.1 0.7
Pentecostal 0.1 2.4
Sikh <0.1 <0.1

From this, we can see that atheists are *under* represented in the prison population by a factor of seven to one. Pentecostals, however, are under represented by a factor of 24 to one, Mormons by about four to one, Protestants by about three to two. Note one group is *over* represented by a factor of about 14 to one. With the exception of the pentacostals, the data doesn’t really argue in favor of the notion that religion imparts law abiding. And since we’re repeatedly told that the basis of law is pronouncements from On High… if *atheists* are better at obeying them than the people who claim to believe in that On High source, doesn’t this destroy the idea that a lack of some specific Truth makes one an uncertain candidate for President?

Seems to me a better approach than trying to elect someone based on what god they express belief in would be to elect people based on their track record of upholding the Constitution or arguing in favor of changing it. Because unless you’re an atheist or a Pentecostal, the prisons are filled with people who believe in the same sky wizard you do, and who like taking a dump on both their religions by-laws *and* the laws of society.

Note: I ain’t an atheist.

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Feb 052016

Assange feels vindicated by U.N. panel ruling he’s being ‘arbitrarily detained’

In short: Julian Assange is wanted by Swedish authorities on charges that he raped a woman. Rather than face the charges, he has been hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for several years now. He is not being prevented from leaving; he can leave whenever he likes. But he is subject to immediate arrest by the British police, since they have an extradition treaty with the Swedes. So he has voluntarily stayed in the Ecuadorian embassy.

And now the UN has come down with a ruling that the Swedes and the Brits have “arbitrarily detained” him. Does this make *any* sense? The Brits didn’t catch him and toss him over the embassy walls, and barred his exit. The Swedes certainly didn’t.

So… WTF???

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Feb 032016

Venezuela on the brink of complete economic collapse

Color me stunned: a nation that went so socialist that they nationalized just about everything is facing some economic issues. Their new “economic czar” believes that simply printing more money *doesn’t* result in inflation. Just… shocking.

What’s especially entertaining is that when the socialists took over the economy, Venezuelas oil reserves were a massive source of national income. Essentially free money. And what did the Chavez socialists do with this? Did they build up the national infrastructure and invite foreign investment? Did they make Venezuela an inviting place to do business? No… they did the bread and circuses thing with welfare spending. And while Venezuela had a whole bunch of the sort of poor people that American poor people only *think* they’re as poor as, the Venezuelan welfare state did squat to raise the poor out of poverty. By embracing the nationalization of foreign businesses, the socialists made sure that nobody would want to do business there.

Probably some lessons worth learning here.

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Feb 022016

Secretary of Defense Announces How He’ll Waste $582 Billion

… which basically boils down to the author of the piece attempting to make fun of the SecDef because the author believes that all DoD weapon system spending from here on out should be directed solely at fighting ISIS, because obviously the US will never face any other geopolitical threats.

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Feb 012016

Well, how about that: Cruz won the Iowa caucus with 28%; Trump got 24%. The big surprise is that Rubio got 23%.

On the other side, Clinton (D:Dishonesty) has 49.8 %, while Crazy Uncle Bernie got 49.6%. The third guy got 0.5%, so the Dems can’t claim that they are torn between two bad candidates… they had three to choose from, along with (I suppose) write-ins and “None Of The Above.” The third guy has dropped out, not that anyone is going to notice.

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Feb 012016

OK, so we’ve got a white guy in charge of an Arizona branch of the NAACP. If that’s not hi-larious enough, he used the F-word to apologize for using the T-word to describe a portion of a female reporter while at a protest over some students using the N-word. Throw in: a preacher wanting to remove the guy from his position at the NAACP due to his “white privilege.”


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Jan 302016

Yesterday dealt with some wacky science conspiracy theorizing. Todays… actually matters. Some “anti fascist” socialists in Germany decided to post this to their Facebook page (and then deleted it when someone noticed):



The caption translates to “rather sexually overactive refugees than racist Germans,” but the sign is a bit more to the point. But what these idjits seem to not understand: if they were able to wave their magic wands and vaporize German racists… the rapists they’re importing in seemingly vast numbers will only create *more* racists.

Remember come November that these people have the same basic political philosophy as Crazy Uncle Bernie.

UPDATE: it appears that the posterboard the woman is holding has been photoshopped. It originally seems to have read “Will trade racists for refugees.” The change in text is what, in the best tradition of professional journalism, is known as “fake but accurate.”

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Jan 272016

A couple things:

Ukraine set to liquidate world famous aircraft manufacturer Antonov

I’m literally angry with rage! No more AN-124’s or 225’s (not that there were going to be any more of those anyway). And in unrelated news:

Denmark passes controversial bill to seize assets and valuables from refugees

On one hand, this makes sense: the refugee-colonists flooding into Denmark and nearby nations are costing those welfare states a *lot* of money, so having them pay for themselves makes sense. On the other hand… how the hell is this supposed to actually work? How do you rifle through all the colonists stuff and figure out what to pawn?


The two stories are unrelated on almost every level. However, I can see a link… and a solution to some problems. Antonovs problems are due in no small part to Russias war of territorial conquest against Ukraine, with the economic damage that has resulted. As a result of that war, a good-sized chunk of Ukraine has been chopped off. So… here’s my solution: Europe accepts Ukraine as part of the EU, based on pre-war borders. Europe then sends the Syrian refugee-colonists to Ukraine, who then settles them in Crimea. Assuming that the Russian-backed paramilitary forces on the ground try to prevent the colonists driving across the border, the EU funds Antonov to crank out a bunch of new cargo planes with which to darken the Crimean skies with parachuting  colonists and their stuff.

Everybody wins!

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