Two Cops Killed Execution-Style in Brooklyn

Take a look at the link. This one isn’t really a mystery… the shooter made his intentions quite plain for all the world to see. He is the logical result of the recent hatemongering from groups such as this.

Everybody, now: “How will this end?”

So after Sony decided to puss out and withdraw all plans to distribute “The Interview,” some movie theaters planned to show “Team America: World Police” in its place. Good idea, right? Paramount didn’t think so, and *they* have told theaters not to do so. Because reasons.

Source: Sony May Pull The Interview Amid Terrorist Threats

Either Sony is considering setting up the precedent of letting the terrorists win… or the whole Sony hack is the biggest viral PR campaign in movie history.

This here4′s an interesting attention-seeking stunt:

13 “Gay” Bakeries Deny Christian’s Request for Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake

Now, this is not *exactly* the same as the cases where gay couples were denied cakes from Christian bakeries, since here the guy is asking for a cake that specifically says “gay marriage is wrong” (as opposed to “straight/gay marriage is awesome” or some such). Still, the responses the guy gets are pretty interesting… they are pretty much the same responses the Christian bakeries would give, but with added expletives. It seems to me that if Side A can sue Side B to force Side B to bake a cake that has a message that Side B is uncomfortable with, then turnabout is legal fair play.

The language the guy gets from the Diverse Tolerant Equality Loving Folk is seriously NSFW. So crank it up in the office!

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My own opinion on the matter, since I’m sure y’all are terribly interested? It boils down to this: “Mask your contempt and cash the check.”

Sydney Siege: Up To 40 Hostages Held – Reports

Subtle hint:

A black flag with white Arabic text, similar to those used by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, was also visible.

This will surely end well. Best of luck to y’all in Australia.

Hands up! Don’t Jihad!

Public defenders appear in ‘kill cops’ rap video

Two Bronx public defenders – government employees, paid by the taxpayers – voluntarily appeared in a rap video that suggests that “For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed.”

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Gee, I wonder why the police in some areas seem to see enemies everywhere?


If for some reason you have a burning desire to witness the artistic masterpiece that is this particular “music” video, it’s here:

Peru riled by Greenpeace stunt at Nazca lines

Greenpissers set up some big ol’ yellow cloth letters next to one of the better known Nazca geoglyphs (the hummingbird). The problem here is that the surface is *really* fragile. The “Nazca lines” were originally made by simply scraping a thin layer of black dust off the whitish substrate; it’s easy to do, and easy to damage. The link above includes some Associated Press branded photos of the Greenpissers message, but if’n ya want an idea of what their little stunt did…






Because that’d be fricken’ hilarious.

CIA ‘rectal fed and watered’ at least five detainees

Expect the 6,000+ page report on CIA torture to be The Big News for the next few weeks, with American media outlets tearing the thing apart word by word looking for details. You know, just like they *didn’t* do with the less-than-half-as-long Obamacare bill…

One of the claims is that torture proved pointless for getting actionable intelligence. Quite possible… the history of torture is replete with people saying whatever they think the torturer wants to hear. But if it’s true, then it indicates that the CIA really needs to streamline the process: line up a dozen or more captives (specifically, those caught engaged in combat but not wearing a recognizable uniform, thus putting them outside the protections of the Geneva conventions), gagged, bound but with eyes and ears open. Go to #1 and ask: “Gonna tell us what we want to know?” If he says “No,” you shoot him in the gut and move on to #2, rinse and repeat. At the end you take the remains, load them onto a C-17 and drop them behind enemy lines from 45,000 feet or so. A hell of a lot simpler, fast, cheaper than years of Guantanamo.

For extra awesomeness: take Dead Surt Worshipping Jihadi, freeze him solid within a special laser guided bomb casing (with the void volume filled with frozen Pykrete), and then use said LGB as a precision, low-collateral-damage way to take out specific high-value targets.

Civilian Navy engineer charged for attempting to steal, pass schematics of USS Gerald R. Ford to Egypt

One “Mostafa Ahmed Awwad” (the wacky names parents give their kids these days…), an engineer at the the Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department at Norfolk Naval Shipyard,  has been charged by the FBI with trying to sell schematics of the new aircraft carrier to the Egyptian government… but apparently the “government agent” that Awwwwad tried to sell to was actually an FBI agent. Whooopsie…

It’s an interesting tale, one the FBI apparently recorded the entirety of.  Sounds like treason, if he’s a US citizen.

N.Y. cop not indicted in chokehold death

In short: a behemoth was selling loose cigarettes on the streets of New York. Apparently doing so is illegal (your guess is as good as mine as to why that would be), but when confronted by the cops this guys response was to belligerently resist arrest.  And so the cops used standard procedures to knock him to the ground and handcuff him. However, he had a heart condition and asthma… and since he was really quite large, the combo of adrenalin, being put on his chest and having  cops bearing down on him to get him under control, his system shut down and he died.

Normally, such a story would get minimal coverage… maybe it was sad he died, but it wasn’t the cops fault that he was breaking the law (dumb though the law may be), and it certainly wasn’t their fault that he was massively overweight and in poor shape. but what makes it newsworthy: the same old story, he was black, the cop who put him in a bog-standard choke hold was white. That’s all anyone really needs to know, I suppose. Reverse the color values, though, and the news gets a lot more muted.

CNN is right now freaking out about “Oh Noes, tonight is the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center.” You *know* that CNN and the other newsies are secretly going “ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy!!!”

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