Feb 182017

Here’s a shocker:

Catoosa restaurant fires 12 workers for not showing up on ‘Day Without Immigrants’

In short, the restaurant has a strict “no show/no call” policy, which means if you don’t show up for work and you don’t call in to give them some sort of explanation and chance to bring in a replacement, then they fire you. And this is not an unreasonable policy for a place that can be thrown into chaos if someone just plain doesn’t show up. And these twelve employees apparently didn’t bother to call in. So… there it is.

Now, if you perhaps feel some sort of sympathy for these poor workers, consider this:

“They feel like they’ve been unfairly terminated,” said a friend, translating for the employees.


“(They’ve) been working there for almost two years since the restaurant opened,” said the friend.

Two years these folks have been there, and they need someone to translate simple statements into simple English. It was perhaps unwise to hire them in the first place. It’s never good to reply on people who don’t understand the language.

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Feb 142017

Tennessee bill would bar suits against drivers who hit protestors

“A person driving an automobile who is exercising due care and injures another person who is participating in a protest or demonstration and is blocking traffic in a public right of way is immune from civil liability for such injury.”

Makes sense to me. With the rise of violent protesters in recent years, many of whom think that blocking traffic is in and of itself a worthy goal, getting the hell out of Dodge is more important than ever.

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Feb 132017

Nazis. Nazis everywhere.

It was quickly pointed out that these are not the sort of misshapen swastikas that you could expect to see scrawled on a wall or sidewalks (perhaps more likely by the “victim,” as a way to gin up sympathy), but are instead construction markers for utility or sewer workers.

I expect we’re going to see a *lot* of sloppy swastikas over the next few years. A tiny number of actual neo-Nazis/white supremecists, a larger number of juvenile trolls, and a substantial number of “anti fascists” trying to fearmonger, agitate, raise funds or just plain cause trouble.

And then there’ll be the idiots who fearmonger over honest symbols that have nothing to do with politics.

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Feb 132017

Newcomer centre has no more room for border-crossing refugees

It seems a lot of asylum seekers are flooding into Canada… from the US. The article is incredibly vague about who these asylum seekers are. They don’t seem to be the likes of Hollywood celebrities who promised to leave the US if Trump won. Heck, they don’t even seem to be US citizens.

Given all the platitudes we keep hearing about how great it is to import masses of immigrants from very alien cultures, Canada should be thrilled to death for this to happen.

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Feb 132017

One of President Giant Middle Finger’s campaign promises was to fix up Americas rather decrepit physical infrastructure. If there were any doubts that things are troubled, the dam in Oroville, California, seems to be working overtime to dispel them.

Oroville Dam Spillway Failure: Nearly 190,000 Ordered to Evacuate

This is especially depressing when one considers the tens of trillions that have been squandered over the decades on useless and downright counter-productive social welfare programs. Imagine what we could have done if, say, half of the Medicare expenses had instead been spent on infrastructure. And the space program, so long as I’m dreaming.

This is a dam in California. One wonders if it would be currently having these problems if California and San Francisco and the like had spent there money not on making bums comfortable, but instead putting them to work. A few thousand drugged-up homeless equipped with shovels and notified that “you want lunch, you do work” could have moved a whole lot of earth over the last few decades.

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Feb 022017

… to burn the joint down.

Protests, Violence Prompt UC Berkeley to Cancel Milo Yiannopoulos Event

Leftists responding with a terroristic temper tantrum?

Here’s a woman being interviewed and then getting assaulted for having the wrong politics:

And here they are beating a man down in the streets, and then continuing to beat on him once he’s down:

Probably safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this sort of thing. A few days back someone sucker punched Richard Spencer in the street. Not that big a deal on its own… just one guy hitting another guy. Spencer is the “alt right” guy who did the “hail Trump” nonsense a while back, a “neo-Nazi” feller. After Spencer was punched, there was a *lot* of chatter online about whether it was ok to physically assault Nazis, and the general consensus seems to have been “yes.” On one hand… fark Nazis. But on the other hand, the Left has spent *years* tossing the “Nazi” epithet around, calling anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi or a fascist. So they have in essence been making the argument that it not only acceptable but *praiseworthy* to physically assault Republicans, libertarians, centrists… anyone they don’t agree with. Hell, **I* have been repeatedly called a fascist over the years when I have argued in favor of a small government that is Constitutionally restrained and limited in power with minimal negative impact on the freedoms of the citizenry. These jackholes don’t know what “fascism” really means, but they do know that it’s ok to attack fascists and that they can declare anyone they like a fascist.

So… yeah. Get used to this.


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Jan 312017

… otherwise they might be working on nuclear weapons systems.

Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials say

The Khorramshahr medium range ballistic missile seems to be on the scale of the Scud.  Hard data on it seems hard to find, but it looks likely to be scaled such as to reach Israel with a single small nuclear warhead.


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Jan 302017

This one sounds good:

Trump Signs Executive Order to Curtail Regulations

In short, it says that if a Federal agency wants one new regulation, they need to ditch two old ones. This is an inarguably good idea, but I suspect that it may turn out to be a logistical nightmare. And it’ll certainly run into a whole lot of opposition from the bureaucrats.

This executive order is more important on every objective level than the one restricting refugees and immigration from a few specific countries. That one was never going to amount to much, but slashing regulations could have *massive* long-term economic benefits. But here’s the thing that makes me think that maybe, just maybe, Trump might be smarter than he looks. Under normal conditions, the big-government types would be falling all over themselves to stymie this new executive order. They’d be screaming about how it’ll ruin the environment, and/or install racism  and sexism in hiring, and/or harm women, children and the poor. But right now they are far too focused on screaming about an executive order that has caused a few dozen foreigners to be delayed at airports or sent back to their homelands. Perhaps this was the intent… throw out a firebomb of an executive order, something that’s not very important but will set the Left’s hair on fire, and then follow it up with actually *important* changes. Heck, even the pipeline order seems to have been completely forgotten.

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Jan 302017

Last night news broke that gunmen had shot up a mosque in Quebec City. It was all over the news, on CNN and online. It was very quickly declared an act of terrorism (hard to argue that shooting up a group of random civvies is anything but), but apart from a death toll of five and the fact that two shooters were arrested, there was a distinct lack of data. I watched the news and poked around online for a while hoping that some details would come out, but apart from a whole lot of people screaming and speculating, there was nothing. I assumed that when I woke up this morning, CNN would lead off with the details about who the shooters were.

So I wake up, turn on the tube and see… nothing. They’re yammering about Trump, bitching about Friday’s executive order, showing Chuck Schumer crying about it, showing protestors doing what they can to inconvenience as many uninvolved people as they can. A few other news items, but I haven’t even seen them mention the Quebec attack. It’s dropped completely off the radar.

Last night the speculation ran rampant in various places that the shooting must have been carried out by white supremacists, Canadian Trump supporters, right-wing Quebecker nationalists… *some* form of alt-righter. Take a look at the comments HERE if you’ve a mind to. This morning all I can find is some sort of rumor that one of the shooters was of Moroccan origin, which would *tend* to argue against this being one of those long hoped-for (on the left) right-wing terrorist acts. The names *seem* to be Mohamed Khadir and Alexander Bissonnette, indicating that terrorists are finally getting in on the diversity bandwagon.

But CNN at least doesn’t seem too interested int he story now. It’s almost as if they have decided that it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative anymore.

UPDATE: It seems now that there is only a single suspect in custody, Alexander Bissonnette, who does seem to fit into the alt-right/white nationalist stereotype. Huzzah!This story can now be readily discussed on the news, I suppose.

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