Finally, at long freakin’ last, a Twitter hashtag has come along that has actually punched through my disdain and engaged my interest:


This is where public school kids go to post photos of the news and improved lunches that they’re getting, based on new “health guidelines” driven by noted  dietician Michelle Obama. You know, for kids.

I think public school food has always been bad, certainly so since the Department of Education took over and began the task of ruining education in this country. But a lot of these… yeesh. I can state confidently that my cats would promptly try to bury a lot of this “food.”

Perhaps most interesting of all is how the Obamas seem to be losing the younguns.

On the one hand, law enforcement folks doing their jobs deserve respectful treatment. On the other hand, law enforcement folks doing something that’s *not* their job, such as demanding to impede travel or inspect private property at “immigration” checkpoints *far* from the border, deserve a firm but non-threatening “NO.”

Americans have the unquestioned right to travel from state to state without  the fear of unreasonable search and seizure. This includes answering pretty much *any* questions that do not arise from Probable Cause. This video collects a number of such incidents. Interestingly, a lot of the border agents here demand that the drivers “pull over there” for further intrusion… and when the drivers just keep telling them “Nope, I’m'a gonna go on my way unless you whip out a warrant,” they eventually just relent.

This is obviously not a universal. If the police pull you over for speeding or running a red light or having a tail light out… that’s permitted. The drunk driving checkpoints I guess have passed Constitutional muster (though I wonder what happens to *sober* drivers who pull over but otherwise refuse to play along). But it *seems* from these and a few other videos that the border agents know they don’t have the legal authority they are pretending that they do, and just give up if the driver is sufficiently stubborn.

So, once again, cats show us the way.

Obviously, the great majority of folks who find themselves in this situation will just answer the questions and be on their way in moments. But it’s interesting to ponder what would happen if this sort of passive resistance became the norm. One result *might* be that the agents would become so tired and dispirited that they’d simply stop trying. And that would be awesome.

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And as it turns out, the Bible happens to be effective in this situation. Depending on your location, keeping  a King James, a Book of Mormon, a couple issues of Watchtower or a copy of Dianetics in your car might do wonders towards speeding your way through unwanted checkpoints. Finally, a practical use for religion!

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From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

The “labor force participation rate,” basically the percentage of the civilian population over the age of 16 who actually have jobs, is 62.8 percent for October, 2014. This means the *actual* rate of unemployment in the US is nearly forty percent; the only reason why it is generally listed as being much lower is because most of the unemployed have stopped looking for a job, and are thus no longer considered unemployed (it doesn’t make a lick of rational sense, but this is politics we’re talking about here).

And the rate has been dropping steadily:


So clearly, what the US needs is Even More low-skilled foreign workers flooding in.

Yay, imperial fiat!


Pentagon Studies Reveal Major Nuclear Problems

The high point: apparently it takes a special wrench to tighten the (presumably explosive) bolts that hold warheads onto the Minuteman ICBM. That’s not the problem. The problem is that there was only *one* of these wrenches, and the technicians FedExed this single wrench from site to site as needed.

That’s greeeeeeeaaaaaaaat.


Some years back, Glenn Beck was an interesting and useful radio political yammerer, doing some good work in pointing out the foibles and frauds of the Left. But in recent years he has become more and more odd and irrelevant. I stopped paying any sort of attention to him a few years back, when it seemed that he was beginning to transition to a radio evangelist.

Sadly, it seems he’s gone even further down the rabbit hole of nuttery:

Glenn Beck’s diagnosis and treatment are quackery, say medical experts

The illness, Beck said, baffled doctors all over the world, but has now been diagnosed as “adrenal fatigue” by maverick “chiropractic neurologist” Dr. Ted Carrick.

“Chiropractic neurologist?” Uh-oh…

Now, after a range of treatments by Carrick — including being strapped into and spun around in a giant gyroscope — and an intense regimen of spiritual work and fervent prayer, Beck claims to have a “clean bill of health.”


Why do I have the feeling that John Kellogg would have approved?


I you haven’t seen or read “The Road to Wellville,” I highly recommend both versions.

Unarmed Gentle Giant Teenage Strongarm Robber came from interesting folks:

Michael Brown’s Mother Facing Accusations of Armed Robbery

It’s like classic-era Jerry Springer Show leaped forward in time and vomited forth a couple episodes worth of idiots.


Ferguson braces for grand jury decision in Michael Brown shooting

And in news from Bizarro World…

Michael Brown’s parents plan to testify before the U.N. next week

That would be in Geneva, Switzerland. Of course, if Mom’s in jail at the time…

Yesterday I saw this sign outside the polling place. I’ve seen this sign before… it or some version of it has been there every year since I started voting in Utah a decade ago. I’ve never paid it much mind. Because why should I? Nothing here is even remotely an imposition for lawful residents/voters. So why are “voter ID laws” so controversial elsewhere?


If simply proving you are a legal voter is so troubling to some people, just imagine how tweaked they’d get if my plan for instituting fractional votes based on the voters multiple-choice test results, testing for basic math skills and understanding of civics (history, what the Constitution says, what your rights are and what they *aren’t,* etc.) was instituted as it really should be.



The hard truth:


It’s a good joke, but it’s also a dark vision of the future to come. As I mentioned a couple years back, barring a technological or economic collapse, it is pretty much inevitable that robots capable of doing most human jobs will, within a generation or two, be almost universally cheaper than minimum wage employees. This will make a whole lot of people not only permanently unemployed, but permanently unemployable. Without those bottom-end crap jobs, a lot of people won’t be able to gain the skills needed for better jobs.

This issue is being discussed again:

How Universal Basic Income Will Save Us From the Robot Uprising

The idea there is that we must accept that most people will soon be redundant. And the best way to prevent an uprising of the useless (and not, as the headlines suggests, of the robots), is a “Universal Basic Income.” A UBI is some level of cash paid out to people, weekly, monthly or annually that provides enough for all their needs, probably somewhere above what you’d get as a full-time min-wager. The idea is that this would free the useless to live lives of dignity while never actually having to work.

On the one hand, I really don’t have a better option.

On the other hand, if you give vast numbers of people all their needs and then some without requiring anything of them in return, what sort of people will you end up with?


1) Institute a UBI. But it mandates sterility treatments for those who accept it.

2) Institute a UBI. But if you accept, you lose the voting franchise.

3) Institute a UBI. But the checks can only be cashed in the Off World Colonies.

For me, if a poverty-level UBI was instituted and came my way, it’d be a big boon. Suddenly having that extra cash come in would be fantastic. But it wouldn’t stop me doing what I’m doing now… I’d still keep cranking out APR and USBP and whatnot. At least until some robot started doing it better. But let’s face it… a lot of people , if suddenly gifted with gobs of unearned cash, are going to blow it in a hurry. And then they’re get pissy that they don’t have *more.*

A clip has been released that provides some insight into the world of “Interstellar.” It turns out that the minor character who said in early trailers that the world doesn’t need more engineers isn’t just a deluded idiot… he’s a part of (or product of) an Orwellian Big Brother government that is re-writing the history books in order to make the next generation more accepting of lowered horizons.

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I’m thinking Nolan might’ve read “Fallen Angels.”

Note that “more depressing” doesn’t necessarily equate to “less good.” I suspect that, like “Dark Knight Rises” and “The Incredibles,” “Interstellar” might end up being something of a stealthy anti “leftist-war-on-reality” flick.

Some voters right near my original home town went to do some early voting at the Moline (Illinois) Public Library. The electronic voting machines knew better than them who to vote for. When it was a choice between Democrat Cheri Bustos and Republican Bobby Schilling, for example, guess which the computer recorded the vote for… regardless of who the *person* voted voted for. Go on, guess.

Votes for Republicans Switched to Democrats in Illinois

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Voting irregularities in Illinois? MIND BLOWN!

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