It’s the Daily Fail, so… grain of salt and all that:

Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler ‘forced off bus after complaints they were being racist’ because it goes against Muslim pork ban

Interestingly, the couple in question hailed from the city of Rotherham, which has had its share of troubles of late. One wonders if the west is ever going to wake up and adopt a “shut up or GTFO” attitude towards imports bitching about the local culture…

Hint: not the US.


Two UAE reactors should be operational by 2020 and Saudi Arabia could complete twelve nuclear reactors from 2022-2034

Why is it that the middle east is preparing for a post-oil world… but we’re not? Bah.

While the US government is insanely bloated and often just plain insane, it’s worth noting that it’s nothing compare to the Europeans:

Photographic ID card now needed to buy hair bleach under European anti-terror laws

Peroxide blondes must now apply for photographic ID to buy the strongest hair bleach, under little-noticed new European anti-terror rules.

Model car buffs are also hit, as chemicals they use for fuel are controlled under the new scheme, run by the Home Office.

Anyone wishing to buy such materials must pay £40 for a three-year licence, or face two years’ jail. Shopkeepers can also be imprisoned if they do not check papers.

Papers, please…

Fun times in the world of politics:

Scottish independence: Voting under way in referendum

I gather it’s a toss-up at this point, probably won’t know for another day or so. Maybe CNN will get lucky and the voting will be 200o-Presidential-Level of close, with hanging chads and legal fights.


Australian PM: Public execution terror plot foiled

A sizable police raid is claimed to have stopped a planned terrorist act… the kidnapping off of the streets of Sydney of just some random schmoe, the on-video beheading of said schmoe, and the displaying of the body draped in an ISIS flag.


Feds: NY store owner plotted to send jihadists to Syria, kill U.S. troops himself

Dude wanted to pay for idiots who wanted to wander over yonder and play jihadi, and pick up some guns himself and shoot veterans. Charming.

In a sane world, this would be one of the biggest stories in the developed world’s news. But in a sane world, this story would have never happened.

British Town Of Rotherham Shocked By Revelations Of Sexual Abuse

The ultra-short form: Rotherham had a “ring” of men who trafficked and gang-raped girls for a long time. This, sadly, is not an especially novel development… it happens far too often, far too widely, in places where you’d think the people woudl be far too civilized for that sort of thing. But horrible as the generic “sex trafficking of children” label is, it gets worse, due to the sheer *scale* of the operation: up to 1,400 children over 16 years. And the local authorities were repeatedly informed, but over a span of years did little to nothing. Why? Because they were afraid. Not afraid of the sex traffickers themselves, per se, like one might expect… it’s not unreasonable to assume that such a ring would be composed of and associated with dangerous men and organized criminals. But they were afraid of something far, far worse: political correctness. As it turns out, the men involved here were, in the vague terms so often employed, “predominantly Asian.” And by “Asian” they’re not talking about Koreans or Siberians or Chinese or Laotians or Russians or Indians. No, in Brit-speak, “Asian” seems to mean “Pakistani.” The victims were predominantly *not* “Asian,” but dirt-poor actual-ethnic-English.

Don’t you *dare* try to draw any conclusions from that. Don’t even think about it. Put it out of your mind.

And we’re now back to:



So if Scotland decides to split from the UK, one of the issues will be that the British navy’s Trident missile subs are based in Scotland. There are apparently currently no good Trident  bases in England or Wales. So where would the subs go? It looks like the US is a distinct possibility:

EXCLUSIVE: Send British nukes to US if Scotland votes Yes say military chiefs

On September 18, Scottish voters get to decide on independence for Scotland. According to at least one source, the main driver of the independence movement is that Scotland is too left-leaning for the UK. Which is a fairly startling thought giving how leftist the UK is on the whole. Whatever… I have no dog in that fight one way or the other. But assuming it passes and Scotland splits from the UK, it does raise a few interesting ponderables:

1) What will the rest of the UK be called, since it is no longer the “United Kingdom?” I hope they go with “Former United Kingdom.” Mainly the ninth-grader in me hopes that. Cuz then we can talk about the latest news out of the FUK, about what wacky hijinks all those crazy FUKers are getting into.

2) What will Scotland be called? Given that the current UK system is apparently far too conservative, I can only assume it’ll be something like the Democratic Socialist Peoples Republic Of If it Ain’t Scottish It’s Crap, or something.

3) I assume that there are ethnic Russians in the territory of Scotland. If Scotland bails from the UK, it will presumably also be out of NATO. So will the Russian military show up and take over the joint? Seems to be their MO these days.

4) What will Scotland do for cash when the North Sea oil starts to peter out? They can look to Venezuela for tips on being an oil-based economy…

As I said, it’s no skin off my nose either way it goes. About the only way it is likely to affect me is if the “Yes” vote wins, Scotland separates and the English invade, or if the “No” vote wins and Scotland erupts into civil war. In either case… yay for me! CNN will become entertaining again!


From the socialist-leaning

The Fast Food Strikes Have Been a Stunning Success for Organized Labor

In short, apparently a few days ago there were strikes by McDonalds workers demanding to be paid a rather remarkable $15/hour for work that can be done by wholly unskilled junior high students based on a few minutes training. Slate thinks that these strikes have really helped the Union movement.

You want to know who these strikes probably really help? Hmmmm…

Here’s The Burger-Flipping Robot That Could Put Fast-Food Workers Out Of A Job

Right now, a robo-burger-flipper is a more expensive prospect than a pimply teenager. But consider: the unskilled labor is apparently getting more expensive, but it is *not* getting more skilled. I’m old enough to remember when  the checkout clerk had to stab *numbers* on the cash register to ring up the price; now they hit buttons with the pictures of the items. I’m pretty sure I can do that myself. And the question then becomes… why *shouldn’t* I do that myself? Turn the machine around 180 degrees. I order up what I want, swipe my card, and the order goes to the back for processing. Easy.

And while the human labor is becoming more expensive and no more skilled, the robots are getting better and cheaper. At some point the trend lines will cross, and the humans will no longer be needed to punch a picture of a burger or put mayo on a bun.

Robots have other advantages:

1) They work 24/7

2) They don’t call in sick

3) They don’t get surly and insult the customers

4) They don’t steal from the company

Sure, the robots will require that new staff be hired… someone will need to do maintenance and fix inevitable breakdowns and screwups; someone will be needed to simply keep the machine supplied. But at least in the first case, the maintenance tech will have to actually be skilled labor. Someone actually worth hiring. Maybe even a job worth unionizing. But the surly burger flippers and register drones? Bye-bye.

So, now we’ll have armies of useless high schoolers with no job experience whatsoever, and no starter jobs waiting for them if they try to go to college. So… whole new crops of the permanent underclass.

Way to go, unions!

Individually they are interesting. Put them next to each other, and you can imagine some sort of interesting developments…

British ex-boxing champion Anthony Small defends ISIS beheadings

A British convert to Islam posts videos extolling the virtues of chopping off heads because they are “infidels” and warning that Brits should be aware that they are all valid targets of that sort of thing at home. He also posted a video titled “Why Muslims have no sympathy for Lee Rigbys son!”

And then there’s this:

Police ask victims to do ‘DIY’ investigations of some crimes

Where we learn of the widening issue of British police forces who can’t be bothered to even *try* to solve crimes, including not even showing up. Interesting quote: “some offences, such as criminal damage or stolen vehicles, are on the verge of being decriminalised by police forces which had given up investigating them.”

Say, that’s neat. At the same time a death cult is gaining in power and adherents in the UK, the British police are deciding that that whole “crime investigations” thing is just too much trouble. What could possibly go wrong?

Although… one might suggest the possibility of a deeper, more devious plan here. As things currently are in Britain, Islamism/Jihadism can grow and increase in Britain, imposing sharia over an increasing fraction of the land until it eventually either takes over or results in civil war. The current political system permits no opposition. However, by pulling the cops back from enforcing the law, this means that if Brits decide to Do Something About It themselves… who’s to stop them? It might be better to have a civil war of sorts *now* than later after the UK has already lost much of it’s blood and treasure to the forces of dumbth and darkness.

Derek Grant jailed for killing son’s mugger in Greenock

OK. If I’m understanding this story correctly, there are four people of interest here: Father, Son, Mugger, Judge

And it went like this:

A) Mugger steals Son’s phone

B) Father confronts Mugger

C) Mugger stabs Father in the eye

D) Father stabs Mugger to death

E) Judge thanks Father for improving society sentences Father to six years in jail

Britain… y’all gots issues.

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