Oct 082015

Daily Fail, so usual caveats.

The DNA test ‘that reveals if you’re gay’: Genetic code clue is 70% accurate, claim scientists

Neat. Now… prove it, refine it, modify it to work for in-utero tests, preferably as a simple blood or urine test for the mother. Include directions to the nearest abortion clinic (or a dose of Month After pills, or a Baby-B-Gone attachment for a shopvac, whatever) and watch the pro abortion crowd suddenly implode. And simultaneously watch the religious anti-abortion crowd explode.


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Oct 082015

Below is an interesting video showing Senator Ted Cruz attempting to question Sierra Club President Aaron Mair about anthropogenic global warming. As one might expect, Cruz takes the “it ain’t happening” side, while Mair takes the “it’s happening” side. But regardless of what side you come down on (I happen to find Cruz’s faith in “The Pause” to be scientifically dubious, since it appears that the thermal energy dumped into the system has been flushed to the ocean depths, and that *wouldn’t* show up on satellite data until some time later when the oceans stir a bit) Mair comes off as someone who is far more faith-based than science-based. For example, Cruz repeatedly asked Mair if the Sierra Club would issue a retraction of their “it’s happening” stance if the data showed that it wasn’t… and Mair effectively refused to answer. This is the antithesis of the scientific method. When the data shows that your theory is wrong… change the theory, don’t ignore the data.

Once again I declare that the United States Federal Government needs to enact “scientific legislation.” By that I don’t mean that laws need to be drafted by scientists (political or otherwise), but that each law should come equipped with a series of predictions and tests. If Law X is supposed to reduce the crime rate, then those drafting it should include predictions such as “the crime rate will drop to X per 100,000 in five years, Y per 100,000 in 10 years,” along with *negative* predictions such as “the cost of enforcement will not exceed Z billion dollars.” If the drafters of the law include crazy predictions, the predictions will fail… and the law will be automatically withdrawn after a set period. If the drafters include really weak predictions, so that it stands a better chance of not failing the tests, the other lawmakers will be forced to ask “what’s the point if the claimed benefits are so small?”


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Oct 032015

Tonight I caught the premiere episode of a new TV series, “Adam Ruins Everything” on the Tru TV network. It is similar in concept to Penn & Tellers “BS!” in that the host (one Adam Conover, who clearly spends way too much time on his hair) takes some popular but flawed belief and tears it apart entertainingly. The first episode dealt with “giving:” how diamonds are a waste of money as a gift, how canned food drives are a waste of food, how shoes ruin Africa (something like that, anyway). It’s also funny as hell.

A few videos are available on YouTube. It seems the TV series is an outgrowth of some YouTubery.

A couple friends agreed that Adam is like me, but with a budget.

I approve of shows like this. While I doubt they have much real impact – how many True Believers in alien abductions or gun control or newage did BS! turn around? – it’s always important to counter the factually flawed. It’ll also be interesting to see the ideological ratio… some ideas tackled will undoubtedly be favored more by one side of the political spectrum than the other.

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Oct 012015

So yet another nutburger goes and shoots up a joint. Any rational person would say This Is A Bad Thing. But for some people, This Is An Awesome Thing. It took approximately two seconds for *some* people to determine that todays mass shooting in Oregon is a fantastic opportunity to try pushing for their civilian disarmament programs. Yet again.

And elsewhere the mad scramble to find *anything* about the shooter that can be used to push a chosen political agenda. So far I’ve heard (note: any or all of these could be dead wrong):

  1. He was a conservative Republican
  2. He specifically targeted Christians
  3. He was “mixed race,” half white, half black. So… he was white, unlike Obama, who is half black and half white, thus black. Or something.
  4. He used a pistol, which means we need more controls on assault rifles
  5. He was a fan of the Nazis
  6. He was a fan of the IRA
  7. He was a Muslim convert
  8. He was a quiet loner
  9. He was born in England. Not sure how that’s relevant. Probably a sign that the Crown is finally starting it’s big move to recapture the Colonies.

Somebody wake me up when there’s an incident of a crazy person going buggo and politicians *don’t* promptly jump on it to push whatever their agenda is.

At least it should knock Clochmed out of the headlines.

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Sep 252015

ISIS is like a pack of savages, capable of little more than cheap thuggery on a large scale. But they seem to have some long term dreams and goals involving nuclear annihilation:

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

This is no doubt just the insane dreaming of a bunch of rabid knuckleheads, but it is instructive as to the mindset. Where would ISIS actually get nukes, though? They won’t be stealing them from the Israelies, and the Iranians probably wouldn’t want them to have nukes. The Pakistanis, perhaps. Fortunately, the one source that ISIS *could* have tapped for nukes, the Iraqi nuclear weapons program, was finally and permanently dismantled in 2003.

Imagine a world where the ’03 invasion of Iraq didn’t happen (perhaps Gore won in 2000). So by 2005 or so, the inspection regime ends; the Iraqi nuke program recommences. By 2015 the Iraqis have themselves some nukes… as do the Iranians and the Saudis. Saddam kicks the bucket in 2016; Iraq falls into civil war, with the Saudis pushing in from one side, the Iranians from another, perhaps the Syrians from a third side. A pseudo-ISIS forms, this time armed with Iraqi nukes and Iraqi nerve gas and Iraqi bio weapons. Let the chaos begin!

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Sep 172015

The internet is aflame over the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his home-made clock. In short, his piece of electronics got him suspended and arrested because the school thought it was a “hoax bomb.” As would have been entirely predictable, since the kid ain’t lily white, and since he is a Muslim, the claims are going around that this is clearly a case of unwarranted Islamophobia, a result of America’s racist demonization of our peaceful Islamic brethren.


You know, there might be a case to be made here. Except… hmmm. Let’s take a look at the clock in question:

Hmm. That’s kinda… dodgy. Sure, it’s probably just the electronic bits needed to make a clock (in a not-in-the-slightest-suspicious hard-shell case). But imagine trying to take that through the airport as a carry-on. Does it look like a bomb? Well, I don’t see any explosives. But does it look like what a lot of people seem to think a bomb looks like? Well… yeah, I guess. Is it over-reaction on the part of the authorities? Almost certainly. Is it Islamophobia? Is it racism? Hmmmm…









Now, if you can make a case that that Pop-Tart looks as much like a real gun as that briefcase-clock looks like a briefcase bomb, then *maybe* you’ll have a case that Ahmed is the victim of racism or Islamophobia, more than he’s a victim of “zero tolerance” policies. Let me know when any of these *other* kids get invited to the White House like Ahmed did.

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